Bieber’s In Trouble Again – Singer Accused Of Headbutting Man At Pre-Grammys Party

  • Posted by beth on February 17, 2017

Things aren’t going well for the ‘Love Yourself’ singer lately, as Justin Bieber is again being investigated for his violent behaviour.

Accusations have emerged claiming that Bieber headbutted a man at a pre-Grammys party last weekend, as well as supposedly getting into a fight with two bartenders on the same night.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department received a call on Saturday night at around two in the morning, saying the world famous singer was being aggressive towards two bartenders – on separate occasions – at a Sunset Boulevard restaurant in West Hollywood.

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Bieber was attending his producing partner Poo Bear’s pre-Grammys event at the restaurant when the incidents occurred.

The police reported,

The witness said he broke up the fights and asked Mr. Bieber to leave. Mr. Bieber refused to leave and remained at the restaurant.


But the 22-year old singer didn’t stop his violent acts there. Just moments later he was spotted headbutting a customer in the restaurant.

The witness stated, a few minutes later, he saw Mr Bieber arguing with a patron, when Mr Bieber suddenly headbutted the patron.

Bieber’s friends pulled him away from the innocent victim before finally leaving the venue.

Despite the pop star’s irrational and violent behaviour, the man who was headbutted didn’t want to receive any medical attention for his injuries or file a police report.

The bartenders who had previously been in a scuffle with the Grammy-winning singer also didn’t want to press charges against him.

Serafina Restaurant

Confusingly however, a spokesperson for the Serafina Sunset restaurant released a statement saying none of their staff were involved in the incident and that it was not them who called the police.

She then went on to say,

We always have pleasant experiences with Mr Bieber whenever he comes to Serafina.