Jamie Foxx Target Of Racism While Filming In Croatia

  • Posted by beth on February 22, 2017

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has been a victim of racism whilst filming for a new movie in Croatia, with police now filing charges against two suspects for the incident.

When dining at a restaurant in the popular tourist city of Dubrovnik, Foxx was targeted by other restaurant goers who shouted a racial slur at the actor.

The 49-year old took to Instagram to post a video – which has since been deleted – informing his followers about the confrontation.

The guilty men allegedly used offensive and racist language towards the world famous actor in a very rude manner.

Jamie Foxx/Instagram

Local police spoke out about the incident saying they had been called to the restaurant after reports emerged that ‘arrogant and rude’ insults were being made by fellow diners to other customers on the premises.

They went on to say an insult ‘of racial grounds’ was fired at one guest, but didn’t specify that it was Foxx himself who was subject to the racial abuse – although his Instagram post seemed to confirm it was him.

The police have filed ‘disorderly conduct’ charges against the two men in question, but are considering whether any further charges need to be made.

The Inquistr

The Oscar-winning actor, who picked up an Academy Award for his lead role in hit 2004 film Ray, was in Dubrovnik, Croatia, filming for the upcoming Robin Hood: Origins in which he will play Little John.

He will star alongside Jamie Dornan and Tim Minchin in the 2018 film, with Taron Egerton taking the lead.

Just one day after the racial attack occurred, the actor posted to Instagram saying, ‘I’m out here in Croatia, it’s crazy’ and saying he was ‘mind blown’ by the place.

In January of this year, Foxx was involved in another altercation at a restaurant in the West Hollywood dining spot, Catch L.A.

Reports emerged that the Django Unchained actor had got into a physical fight with another diner.