Taylor Swift’s Obsessive Stalker Arrested After Harassing Star For 3 Months

It’s public knowledge that Taylor Swift‘s fans are the most hardcore of them all, but one ‘Swifty’ took his obsession for the singer way too far, and has now been arrested after months of stalking her.

The guilty man, named as Mohammed Jaffar, has been tormenting the pop star for the last three months in the hope of getting a one-on-one meeting.

He launched a campaign in December of last year to try and get some alone time with the star, initially arriving at her Tribeca home and requesting to see her.

Rick Kern/LP5/Getty Images

When he was told to leave, the stalker wouldn’t take no for an answer and has persistently been trying to meet Swift ever since.

He continued to visit the million dollar penthouse apartment, managing to enter the property on February 6 and being spotted lingering in the hallway outside her door.

This was before the fixated fan took to the roof and stuck around for over four hours until 2 in the morning.

The 29-year-old was finally arrested by the New York Police Department and has now been charged with burglary and stalking and is banned from ever trying to get in touch with Taylor again, being held on a $20,000 bond.


On one occasion, Jaffar preceded to ring the doorbell of her stunning home for over an hour in a bid to get in.

He also made 59 disturbing calls to the ‘Shake It Off’ singer’s management team in the weeks between January 29 and February 16 requesting to be put in touch with her.

The world renowned singer bought the luxurious property in 2014 for $20 million, next to star studded neighbours such as Orlando Bloom and Steven Soderbergh.


One of Taylor’s girl squad members, Gigi Hadid, experienced a similar ordeal in 2015.

Her stalker – Marcell Porter – attempted to enter her New York home five times.

He was eventually admitted to a psychiatric ward, with Hadid going on to sell the $2 million pad shortly afterwards.