Chloe Moretz Calls Police After Stalker Turns Up At Her House

Chloë Grace Moretz made an emergency call to the Los Angeles Police Department recently after she had a stalker turn up on her doorstep.

The 20-year old actress told the local authorities that a young fan, who was clearly a keen admirer of Moretz, skateboarded up to her home with a box of cookies in his hands, reported TMZ.

The Kick Ass star was inside her home at the time and preceded to ignore the unwanted visitor’s plea for her to answer the door and buy one of his sweet treats, claiming he was selling them in the area.

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The stalker reportedly conversed with neighbours in order to confirm it was definitely Chloë’s home, much to their concern.

Neighbours began to question the youngster before Chloë took action and called the police.

Before the authorities could get hold of him, the boy – who is said to look around 18-years old – fled the scene.

The incident is now being investigated by the LAPD’s threat management team with the hope of the stalker being identified.


Chloë was seen out and about in LA yesterday, March 28, suggesting all is well since she was targeted by the obsessive fan.

The Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star is just one of many celebrities to experience this kind of behaviour from admirers.

Model and reality star Kendall Jenner has been dealing with a scary stalker over recent months. She’s managed to get a restraining order put on the man, who one day followed her home and stood in her driveway.

Superstar Taylor Swift has taken her stalker – who was harassing her for months – to court. Swift’s tormenter was eventually arrested, charged with burglary, given a $20,000 fine and told to stay away from the ‘Shake It Off’ singer.


Despite being in the spotlight from such a young age, Moretz has a positive outlook on life and tries to avoid as much drama as possible.

Speaking to Teen Vogue last year about her split from ex-boyfriend Brooklyn Beckham, the platinum blonde actress revealed,

Keep good people around you because positivity begets positivity. I learned that the hard way. Just try to keep your head above the water and don’t get caught up in all the trash.