Kendall Jenner Accused Of Mocking ‘Black Lives Matter’ In Latest Pepsi Ad

It seems Pepsi’s new commercial is doing anything but teaching people to ‘live for now’.

The brand’s latest ad sees supermodel Kendall Jenner turning to the fizzy drink to put an end to a riot.

But Twitter users have been quick to attack the 21-year old since its release.


In the TV ad, Jenner leaves a fashion shoot to join peace protesters on the streets.

The activists are holding signs that read ‘love’ and ‘join the conversation’.

She hands a can of the much-loved drink to a police officer to quell the situation between police and protestors, to which the crowd cheers.


However, social media critics believe the whole thing is a mock of the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

There have been huge marches in America recently over police cruelty to black people.

Critics aren’t happy with Pepsi choosing a ‘white and privileged model’ as the peacemaker in the story, because they’re depicting the resistance movement in the wrong light.

The world of Twitter was quick to criticise both Kendall and Pepsi:

Furthermore, the ad also bares similarity to Ieshia Evans confronting riot police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana last year.

Pepsi have released a statement as a result of the backlash, saying,

This is a global ad that reflects people from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony. We think that’s an important message to convey.

Jenner is yet to comment on the matter since the Twitter outburst.

However, this is not the first time she’s been criticised for her work in advertising.


In addition to the Pepsi ad, Kendall caused controversy following her ballerina video-shoot with Vogue last year.

Professional ballerinas spoke out against Kendall’s portrayal of ballet, consequently branding her ‘disrespectful’.

One user tweeted,

Kendall Jenner & that Vogue ballet video is so horrible. It’s actually offensive to people who trained in dance all their lives.