Chance The Rapper Fans Are Campaigning To Make Him The Mayor Of Chicago

Chance the Rapper could soon be the mayor of Chicago if fans get their way.

An online petition is up and running to persuade the 23-year old artist to run for the position.

Fans are urging him to go up against current mayor Rahm Emanuel in the 2019 elections.

Fred Lee/ABC

Their website, Chano For Mayor, is reaching out to the rapper to get on board, with fans saying,

Hey Chance, We think you’d be a great mayor. We love your music — we’ve been following your career from the first 10 days. We also love the work you’ve done to give back to the city that raised you. You represent Chicago on the world stage, and you do us proud.

It goes on to highlight all of the ‘Colouring Book’ singer’s community work in the U.S city.


Above all, Chance is passionate about looking after the people of his hometown.

He once drove around Chicago giving out his own coats to homeless people, and he also donated $1 million to public schools.

The campaign’s hashtag, ‘#Chano4Mayor2k19’, comes from the rapper’s 2015 song, ‘Somewhere in Paradise’ in the lyrics:

They screamin’, ‘Chano for mayor,’ I’m thinkin’ maybe I should.

He recently met with the Illinois governor, Bruce Rauner, to discuss the problems within the state.

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Since his $1 million dollar donation, there has been a further $2 million donated to Chicago’s Public Schools fund since March.

Current mayor, Emmanuel, is responsible for shutting down 50 schools and six mental health clinics.

The Chicago Police department have also reportedly said ‘it’s time for change’, but could Chance the Rapper be it?

He is yet to comment on the campaign but his philanthropist ways could well mean he’s up for the job.