Kate Bush Clears Up Coachella Rejection Rumours: ‘No Discussions Were Ever Had’

Twitter went into a frenzy today following rumours Coachella bosses have rejected Kate Bush from their line-up.

Fans were led to believe Coachella organiser Paul Tollett said ‘no’ to the English singer because Americans supposedly ‘wouldn’t understand’ her.

But a representative for the 58-year old music icon is quashing the news.


According to her rep, Bush never intended to play the famous Californian festival in the first place.

Bush’s people are setting the record straight, with Pitchfork releasing their statement, that reads,

It was never Kate’s intention to play any more shows than she did in London. The show was conceived for a very specific type of venue. No discussions were ever had with Kate about playing any festival, including Coachella.

Yet her fans aren’t the only ones to believe the rumours.

Stars took to Twitter to express their anger that Coachella bosses were rejecting Kate.

Famous screenwriter, Kristen Smith, told the festival,

Kate Bush is Goddess Idol Hero Artist of our Lives and Souls, FIE ON YOU!!!

Goldenvoice – Paul Tollett

The rumours of Bush’s rejection are all due to a recent interview in The New Yorker.

Head of music at the William Morris Endeavour agency, Marc Geiger, recalls asking Tollett to hire Bush for the show.

I’ll say, ‘Kate Bush!’ And [Coachella CEO Paul Tollett will] go, ‘No!,’ and we’ll talk through it. I’ll say, ‘She’s never played here, and she just did 30 shows in the UK for the first time since the late seventies. You gotta do it! Have to!’ ‘No! No one is going to understand it.

Bush made a return to the stage on her Before the Dawn tour in London in 2014.


The 22-night stint saw her perform live for the first time in 35 years, and the tickets were a sellout in just 15 minutes.

Her comeback tour is now on a three-disc live album, but it’s probably the last record her fans will ever see.

She has expressed in the past how hard she finds touring, while thanking her son Bertie for giving her the encouragement she needed.

Coachella is kicking off this weekend, with the likes of Radiohead, Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar heading to the Colorado desert.