Haim Are Back: Girls Tease New Music On Twitter

Fans are long awaiting the L.A. girl band’s second album, but it seems new music from Haim is closer than we thought.

The pop-rock sisters took to Twitter today to tease new material.

The video shows band member Danielle Haim doing her thing on the drums.

It dramatically ends with the words ‘HAIM April 27’ on the screen.



The much-loved sister act teased fans all over the world just last week; billboards of the trio popped up in the likes of London, Berlin and L.A.

While the mysterious billboards suggested their comeback was near, today’s tweet confirms their return.

It’s not clear whether they are releasing a new single or album.


But fans are eagerly awaiting for next Thursday to arrive to see what they have in store.

Their debut album Days Are Gone hit the charts in 2013, receiving a Grammy nomination and topping the charts.

The follow-up album has been in the pipeline ever since.

In an interview with Rolling Stone last year, the group explain the long wait for album number two, saying,

We make the music we make, and we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s been more about coming together and asking each other how we were feeling and what we were feeling and how we wanted to express that.


They also tweeted,

We’d hoped to be done with recording but as it turns out, we’re at a critical point of finishing up and need to stay close to home until it’s complete.

The band is made up of Este, who plays bass, Danielle, who takes on the drums and lead vocals, and younger sister Alana who plays the guitar and keyboard.