Cara Delevingne Was Reportedly Photoshopped For ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie

  • Posted by beth on April 21, 2017

British model Cara Delevingne is caught up in the middle of a heated debate.

It’s been found her body was digitally enhanced for the Suicide Squad movie last year.

While we might expect model’s figures to be altered for magazine shoots, fans are totally shocked to learn Delevingne’s character, The Enchantress, was edited for the film.

LMK Media

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the unnecessary editing for themselves.

A YouTube clip which analyses the film’s visual effects has been released.

But aside from all the mesmerising camerawork, Cara’s slimmer figure doesn’t go unnoticed.

The shots show Cara’s real waistline and stomach looking noticeably different in the final edits:

Of course, the visual effects for The Enchantress’ costume are necessary, but Sony Imageworks have infuriated fans by slimming down Cara’s naturally trim figure.

The film was hit with mixed reviews on its release, yet it did receive an Oscar award for ‘Best Make-Up and Hairstyling’.

It marked Cara’s third blockbuster movie, with her making her film debut in Paper Towns as Margo.

The uproar comes at the same time as Cara’s recent ad for a Rimmel mascara.


The ‘Scandalous Reloaded’ mascara commercial is now banned for ‘misleading customers’.

Cara is thought to have worn long false eyelashes for the advertisement as well as post-production techniques being used.

The 24-year old is yet to comment on either incident.