Zayn Malik’s New Music Video For ‘Still Got Time’ Sends Fans Crazy On Twitter

Zayn’s music video for his latest song ‘Still Got Time’ is finally out, and it seems the British artist can do no wrong in the eyes of his adoring fans.

The 24-year old singer-songwriter gives us a glimpse into his wild lifestyle, hosting an off-the-scale party in his very own mansion.

Malik got people talking last month when he was seen hosting a crazy blowout at his London home.

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With loud music, real-life monkeys and barely-clothed girls, Zayn’s bash allegedly went on from 6pm ’til four in the morning.

But it’s now clear that the all-out rave was to film the latest video for his song with PartyNextDoor.

It didn’t take too long for Zayn’s army of fans to express their love for the video.

One fan tweeted,

While some were just grateful to see Zayn’s face again…

And his cool dance moves are clearly stealing hearts too,

An insider revealed to The Sun just how insane Zayn’s all-nighter was,

It was totally wild. There were [barely dressed] women everywhere, dancing in the pool and in the gardens… and the music was deafening. Around 2am they changed DJs and the music got even louder. There were people falling out of the house and staggering down the street.

Tom and Lorenzo

Yet despite his controversial ways, Zayn’s new hit received over 20,000 views in the first 10 minutes of its release.

This marks another highlight in his solo success, while his former bandmate Harry Styles is currently topping the charts.

Watch the video below: