Katherine Heigl’s New Thriller ‘Unforgettable’ Turns Out To Be Huge Box Office Flop

Katherine Heigl is the queen of feel-good, girl power rom-coms.

But she is finally stepping into a darker role in new thriller Unforgettable. 

Despite its high expectation, the film’s opening weekend fell nothing short of a box office flop.

Warner Bros.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress plays ex-wife Tessa Connover who wants to win her husband back, and torments his new fianceé in the process.

Rosario Dawson and Geoff Stults play the happy couple that Heigl’s character wants to destroy.

Yet since its release last Friday – according to News AU – the film has only grossed just under $5 million.

The thriller is receiving poor reviews now it’s showing on our cinema screens.

The Inquisitr

But aside from its box office failure, fans have been full of praise for Katherine’s portrayal of the crazy ex-wife.

The 38-year old starring as a totally psychotic stalker has settled well with fans.

One called her performance Oscar-worthy, tweeting,

While another fan noted how Katherine has drawn in a whole new crowd of fans,


Another tweeter suggested Heigl’s film Knocked Up could have something to do with her impressive performance as the estranged wife, saying,

Variety magazine have also been quick to praise Heigl for her role in Unforgettable.

It’s a strange testament to her talent that once you’ve seen her as a villain… it will be hard to go back to picturing her as the innocuous girl next door.

It may be a career low point for Heigl when it comes to how much the film has grossed, but it seems she’s found her flair starring as a the divorced wife from hell.