Emma Watson Dishes On What It’s Really Like To Work With Tom Hanks At ‘The Circle’ Premiere

She’s only just made her Disney debut in Beauty and the Beast, but Emma Watson is gracing our screens again in sci-fi thriller The Circle.

Stepping out in a gorgeous white Burberry dress, the 27-year old actress attended the premiere in NYC last night.

And it seems she is full of praise for her latest co-star Tom Hanks.


Speaking to ET Online at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday, the Harry Potter star revealed,

You just think to yourself, ‘There’s no way this guy is gonna live up to his reputation.’ And then he does and it’s like, ‘What?! Really?!’ He’s funny and kind and generous to work with and very hard working and he’s all the things. He is all the things.

Emma stars as aspiring tech genius Mae Holland who begins working for a leading social media brand.


Hanks is cast as her boss, Eamon Bailey, who coaches Mae in a massive company experiment.

The film focuses on the thin line between social media and privacy, consequently something that Watson is very passionate about.


She’s well-known for keeping her private life to herself.

I love social media… but used in the wrong way, it’s incredibly dangerous… I deleted my e-mail app from my phone and really tried to create serious boundaries from it. We need to make sure that we are using technology, and technology is not using us.

The film is hitting cinema screens Friday, April 28.