Jesse Williams And Minka Kelly’s Relationship Is Allegedly Official And Fans Aren’t Happy

Grey’s Anatomy fans were heartbroken to hear that Jesse Williams and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee are divorcing.

New beau Minka Kelly is receiving a hard time from fans for the alleged affair.

But a source close to the pair denies that Kelly got with Jesse while he was a married man.

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It’s thought that the lovebirds are now officially together, although neither have spoken out about their relationship.

Yet social media enthusiasts have been quick to judge the Friday Night Lights star on her Instagram.

Trolls left mean comments under one of Minka’s most recent pictures.

One Instagram user queried, “Did you think about his wife when you were laying up with her man?.”

While another commented, “Side chicks are winning this year”.


The actress is consequently disabling comments from all of her Instagram posts.

Williams’ marriage with Drake-Lee lasted five strong years, and the former couple even have two children together.

Blind Gossip were the first to reveal the rumours that The Cabin in the Woods actor was seeing Minka Kelly.

The new lovebirds got people talking when they went on a date in Paris in March.

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The insider revealed, “We walked along with them for almost three blocks in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. They were trying to be incognito.”

The source also said, “He was wearing a hoodie and she was wearing a cap… He looked a little tense and was trying hard not to be noticed. She looked very happy and content.”

“They were holding hands and being very romantic. They were definitely acting like a couple!”

Yet Minka may be getting a hard time for nothing.

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An unnamed source close to Williams says his marriage was over a long time before he began dating Minka.

Their legal divorce began on April 11, but they have actually been separated for over a year.

“Jesse was single when his romance began with Minka,” a source explained. “The timing was right. They feel like fate brought them together.”