Chloe Grace Moretz Shows Her Support For Sally Yates On Twitter

Chloe Moretz is speaking out to her three million-strong followers in support of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates.

Moretz is using her platform as a famous actress and model in order to speak out about her political views.

Following last night’s sub-committee meeting, the Kick-Ass star was quick to voice her opinion on Twitter.

The hearing took place as part of the ongoing investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal.

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The 20-year old tweeted her opinions to her dedicated fanbase while watching the hearing unfold.

And it’s pretty clear she’s not a fan of Trump and his ideologies.

“This hearing feels like a scene from a political thriller not the real America we are currently living in. Wild.”

She also showed her support for Yates, retweeting actress and director Lynn Shelton’s tweet,


Yates’ fame has hit a new level since President Donald Trump fired her for not defending his controversial travel ban.

She didn’t have Trump’s back when he banned flights from seven mostly-Muslim countries entering the U.S.

One of Trump’s sidekicks, Senator John Neely Kennedy, asked her why at last night’s hearing.

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The lawyer responded with confidence,

“I believed any argument [the Justice Department] would have to make in its defence would not be grounded in the truth.”

“We would have to argue that it had nothing to do with religion.”

Yates believes Trump’s new rule is nothing but a discrimination against Muslims, and it’s something she could not get on board with.