‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Sophie Turner Defends Claims She Used Racist Word In Instagram Video

Sophie Turner is defending herself over claims she used racial slur in a recent Instagram video.

The Game of Thrones girl is denying allegations she says the ‘n-word’ in a post by fitness guru and DJ Brendan Fallis.

The video went viral after observant fans thought they heard the 21-year old using the offensive term.

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Her boyfriend and lead singer of boy band DNCE, Joe Jonas, also features in the short clip.

In the Instagram video, Brandon pans the camera over to Sophie while she sits on the gym floor.

She then says, “what’s up”, but it’s the quiet insult afterwards that is causing confusion.

Speculating fans believe she mutters the racist word, but Turner isn’t having it.


The actress, who made her debut as Sansa Stark in the HBO series, is outright denying the accusations.

Releasing a statement to E! News, the blonde TV star clears up the rumours, saying,

“I used the word ‘motherf–kers’ in a recent video posted in an Instagram story and not a hateful racial slur that has been suggested.”

“I am incredibly upset that anyone would think otherwise, and I want to make it clear that I would never use such an abhorrent word.”


But fitness pal Brandon added more fuel to the fire by choosing to delete the Instagram video.

Trolls took to Twitter to express their anger with Sophie, with some going as far as calling her ‘racist’.

But others have been quick to defend the star. One fan claims, “I watched the vid. I know a lot of Brits who say “mf” like that. Basically how Ali G says it.”

And a Twitter fan page has been quick to point out the British actress would never use racial slur, saying,

“Sophie Turner isn’t dumb enough to say the N word in front of a camera which clearly can ruin her entire career.”

Another fan expressed, “it is not fair to hate her over that video, she said mf, not the n word.”

Watch the controversial video below:

Game of Thrones #SophieTurner is under fire for this video with #JoeJonas

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Jonas, who she has been dating since October 2016, is yet to speak out on the incident.