Tracy Morgan Is Back! The Comedian’s Netflix Special ‘Staying Alive’ Is About To Be Released

Comedian favourite, Tracy Morgan, is returning to our screens in the upcoming Netflix special Staying Alive.

But it has been a rough few years for the Saturday Night Live star.

One year after his hit show – 30 Rock – went off air, a scary road accident in 2014 left Morgan severely injured.

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A Walmart truck ploughed into the van in which Tracy was a passenger, sadly killing his friend.

But the Emmy award nominee isn’t letting the tragic experience define him.

Instead, he’s using his comedic talent and great sense of humour to tell his story of survival.

The 48-year old filmed the special in New Jersey at the Count Basie Theatre.


In his new show, he heart-warmingly sees the funnier side of the nearly fatal accident he fell victim to three years ago.

In a recent interview with Vulture, the Cop Out star speaks about forgiveness, saying,

“The hardest part about all of this was forgiving that driver … because if I didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be sitting here talking.”

“I couldn’t move forward if I ain’t forgive him.”

While talking about his religious beliefs getting him through, the funny man admits,

“I asked God for the strength. That’s the only way that strength come from.”

The Walmart driver responsible for the crash had been driving for a staggering 28 hours ahead of the incident.

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And to make things worse, he was also excessively speeding before plummeting into the back of Morgan’s ride while he was on the way home from a show in Delaware.

The comedian was left with several broken bones and a worrying brain injury as a result.

Talking about his friend Jimmy, who lost his life in the incident, Tracy also expressed,

“I love Jimmy. He was my OG. Jimmy was very funny and he would facilitate things with me … I was, ‘Hey Jimmy, I want you to go out with me out to Delaware to do the show.’ He said, ‘I’m in.’ Boom. I gotta live with that every day because I asked him to be there.”

He is now moving forward from the terrible crash rather than living in fear.

“I just know now my purpose in life is to connect the dots and spread love. There’s so much hate in this world, man. It’s time to spread love.”

Staying Alive finally hits Netflix next week on Tuesday, May 16.

Watch the trailer below: