Avril Lavigne Death Hoax Is Back: Twitter Shares Conspiracy Theory That She Died In 2003

It’s been a few years since we saw the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory spread like wildfire on the internet.

But the 32-year old pop-punk star is being hit by the death hoax yet again.

Some people believe the Canadian singer died in 2003 and an imposter is now living out her life for her.

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The rumours have arisen again thanks to a convinced Twitter user posting a thread of tweets over the weekend.

They are out to prove that an Avril lookalike, named Melissa Vandella, has been posing as the ‘Girlfriend’ star for years.

And so far, the obsessed fan’s theory has got everyone talking.

The idea that the real Lavigne is dead originally came from a Brazilian fan page in 2002.

They claim that once her debut album, Let Go, topped the charts, Avril couldn’t handle the worldwide fame.

She then, supposedly, hired a convincing body double to pose as her at public appearances.

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But the conspiracy theory takes a dark turn, as it states the real Avril took her own life in 2003.

They claim the ‘Sk8er Boi’ singer became severely depressed after her grandfather’s death.

Melissa has been pretending to be Avril ever since.

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Twitter has been going wild since the theory reemerged.

User ‘@Givenchyass’ is the one responsible for bringing the theory back to life.

She has posted a reel of tweets which outline the questionable story.

And even uploaded videos comparing Avril’s earlier music with her later hits in a bid to prove it’s two different people.

The theory believes that the Avril we’ve seen in more recent years looks different to the girl that burst onto the scene with ‘Complicated’.

Fans even believe that “Melissa’s” birthmarks are different to the real Avril’s.

But what has the rest of Twitter made of the latest claims?

Some users are definitely seeing the funny side.

While others are genuinely starting to believe the crazy theory could be true.

Avril herself has yet to comment on the conspiracy theory.

Yesterday, the blonde star posted a sweet snap of her with her mom for Mother’s Day.

In March this year she announced she has moved record labels to BMG.

She is currently working on a new album.