Rowan Atkinson Is Making A Comeback In ‘Johnny English 3’

It’s been six years since Rowan Atkinson was on our screens as Johnny English.

But the British actor is making a surprise return as everyone’s favourite secret agent.

According to Chortle, the third instalment in the Johnny English series is already in pre-production.


Filming will officially commence in the autumn, although it’s not yet clear what the plot will be.

And it seems Rowan is super keen to get back behind the camera as the mediocre spy.

Talking to The Sun last year, the former Mr. Bean star spoke of his desire to make another movie, saying,

“We’re hoping to make a Johnny English this year, so I certainly haven’t turned my back on comedy.”

The first Johnny English film hit cinemas in 2003, with Johnny English Reborn following in 2011.

And the action films were box office hits all around the world, grossing more than $320 million.

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The 62-year old first took to the role of the clumsy spy in the 1990s in a series of television adverts.

And while the previous two films have had star-studded cast line ups, from Ben Miller, Gillian Anderson and Daniel Kaluuya, it’s not known who will join Atkinson for the third movie.

It’s been a difficult few years for the British icon.

In 2015, he split from his wife of 24 years, Sunetra Sastry, in a five million pound divorce settlement.

But his longstanding acting career is still going strong.

Reprising his infamous role of Mr. Bean at the start of this year in Chinese film Top Funny Comedian: The Movie, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be going off our screens anytime soon.

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After filming the second Johnny English movie, Atkinson explained,

“I was very keen… to come back to the character some day as I felt as though there was more to do with him. [He’s] a funny character who [has] some amusing fault lines in him that [are] worth exploiting more.”

And talking about his popular and charming character, he also said,

“I think he’s a rather realistic character. Perhaps he’s a more realistic and believable character than James Bond, in many ways. James Bond is just a superman. It’s rather fun to play someone with more faults and foibles.”

The third movie is due for release in October 2018.