Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Now Allowed To Marry Thanks To A Change In The Law

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship is very much in the public eye. Despite the pair trying to keep things low-key, the press have not been deterred.

They may not have been dating for a long time but marriage is already on the cards for the pair, with people speculating when – not if – they will wed.

The wedding between Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton, and James Matthews took place over the weekend.

Both Harry and Meghan were guests at the reception and since then, Harry tying the knot has been even more of a hot topic.


Previous speculation suggested that the relationship was doomed before it had even began.

Meghan was married between 2011 and 2013. Being a divorcee could have meant that her and the Prince could not marry.

However, a spokesman for Westminster Abbey has come out and said:

‘The Abbey follows the General Synod Ruling of 2002. Since then it has been possible for divorced people to be married in the Church of England.’

It has also been confirmed that the Suit’s actress’ Jewish background won’t prevent her and Harry marrying either.

Markle was previously wed to Trevor Engelson in a Jewish ceremony in 2011.

The american producer, Engelson and Markle had dated for seven years. The couple split in May 2013, divorcing the following August.


Despite Meghan not being allowed to attended Pippa and James’ wedding, but just the reception, the pair were clearly smitten.

Providing the love stays strong between them, it no doubt won’t be long until Harry pops the question.

Since his brother married Kate Middleton, and now at the age of 32, all eyes have been on Harry to settle down.

If Harry and Meghan do decide to marry, they will need permission from the Queen first.

It has been reported that the couple will also need a license from the Archbishop of Canterbury.