Justin Bieber Forgets Spanish Verse Of “Despacito” And Sings “Blah Blah Blah” Instead

Despite Justin Bieber‘s new hit “Despacito” making it to number one across the world, it seems the pop star didn’t care to learn the words.

The “Baby” singer took to the stage at 1 Oak, New York for a surprise performance on Wednesday night- however when he tried to perform his latest song, he simply replaced the Spanish- spoken verse with “blah blah blah”.

The pop single was first released by Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee in January, but it has recently been remixed with Justin’s vocals over the top – sending it straight to number one across the world, including the UK and the USA.

It is the first mostly-Spanish song to reach the top of the charts since the Bayside Boys Mix ‘Macarena’ in 1996.

The song features Justin Bieber singing some pretty impressive Spanish, however it seems the recorded version may have taken more than one take.

A video of the performance, titled ‘Justin Bieber no hablo español’ has been shared by entertainment site TMZ.

Since the footage was leaked it has been suggested that Justin was heavily intoxicated, with Belibers defending the 22-year old on social media.

However fans of the original song have taken to Twitter to express their feelings about the less-than adequate performance from JB.


The un-remixed version of the Spanish hit has over one billion views on YouTube, so maybe Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee no longer need the stars help to make the song a hit.

Earlier this month the tracks original artists spoke out about their collaboration with the international superstar.

“It was a great call to know that Bieber heard the song,” Luis Fonsi shared. “He was in Colombia doing his tour and he heard the song. He saw how people reacted to it. He reached out to us and he’s like, ‘Hey, can I jump on the remix?’ and we’re like, ‘Yes, sir!'”

“He did his thing, you know, he sang his verse in English [and then] he sang the chorus in Spanish,” Fonsi continued. “We were surprised.”

“That was awesome!” Daddy Yankee added. “Nobody was expecting that, right? Like, he’s singing in Spanish! I think that makes the remix even better.”

“We had an English lyric for everything and he’s like, ‘No, no, no, no, I’m gonna do this in Spanish,’ Fonsi explained. “He took the time to enunciate everything and to do it the right way. So, I think it’s a big win for Latin music and it’s awesome to have such a huge global star collaborate with us.”

Justin’s team are yet to release a statement about the video.