Piers Morgan And Lily Allen Come To Blows Again Via Twitter After Manchester Terrorist Attack

Lily Allen and Piers Morgan are known to disagree on almost everything , but now things have been kicked up a notch.

In the wake of the Manchester attacks, they’re at it again.

The heartbreaking attacks took place at the MEN arena just after an Ariana Grande concert had finished, and have subsequently left the world in shock.

Tragic events such as this undoubtedly lead to many opinions being shared via social media websites.

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Good Morning Britain host, Piers Morgan and singer Lily Allen have taken to Twitter to express their views. Unsurprisingly, it resulted in an argument between the pair.

The 32-year-old singer tweeted to her 5.97 million followers saying “Please ignore Piers, Hopkins, they thrive on hate. Profit even. Don’t engage.”

35 minutes later, Piers responded to Lily’s tweet. Renowned for not being one to mince his words, he branded her a ‘hate-stirring, deluded clown.’

The pop singer wasn’t threatened by his insults and without hesitation replied, ultimately calling out Piers for the phone-hacking scandal, which took place while at editing at The Mirror.

Adding to the on-going feud, Lily’s tweets were following both the former The Apprentice contestant Katie Hopkins and British journalist Piers Morgan wrote articles and tweets on the horrific Manchester attack.

Both of them sharing somewhat controversial views.

In particular, Hopkins wrote a tweet and then swiftly deleted it, about the ‘solution’ needed for the situation. Her choice of words seemed to reference a Nazi term for the Holocaust.

This is certainly not the first time the pair have come to blows with their differing opinions. Previously Allen and Morgan have clashed over topics such as the Women’s March and Donald Trump.

When invited to appear on his show, Life Stories, the ‘Smile’ singer was very quick to decline.


Tweeting him, she said: “Hey @piersmorgan, just got my annual email from one of your Life Story producers. It’s still a no from me, but thanks again.”

The 52-year-old’s reply read: “No problem @lilyallen – we both know you’ll crack eventually.”

However, considering the latest Twitter spat, we can’t see that being the case anytime soon.