Niall Horan Debuts New Song ‘On The Loose’ On Today Show

Niall Horan‘s solo success is only getting better, as thousands of fans gathered at the Rockefeller Plaza yesterday to see him perform.

Horan’s admirers queued for hours, some even days, in order to catch a glimpse of him on the Today show stage.

The singer-songwriter was the latest star to perform for the talk show’s Citi Concert Series.

And he certainly didn’t let the gloomy and wet morning stop him from giving his all.

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Kicking things off with his latest single ‘Slow Hands’, the 23-year old seemed overwhelmed by the support.

“Look at where we are, in the center of the universe,”

“Where are all the people that have been here since like, last week? Thank you for being here, really appreciate it.”

Horan’s turnout matched that of his former One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles, just a few weeks ago.

Fan’s of the Irish heartthrob began queuing over 48 hours before the show even started.

And one super fan drove a staggering 22 hours just to see his set.

Before taking to the stage on Memorial Day, the blonde singer took to Twitter to thank his fans for their dedication.

“I’m seeing videos and pictures of you all on the street waiting for me. I’m sorry I didn’t get down to see you this time. Stay safe please,”

“Appreciate the dedication and loyalty as always. As I said, please stay safe tonight and I’ll see [you] in 5 or 6 hours.”

And just like Styles, Niall also sent out pizzas to make sure his eager fans didn’t go hungry.

As he arrived at the NYC hotspot, the singer himself was totally overwhelmed by the mass of people.

Tweeting, “Wow… The lines around all the blocks nearby, insane! Thank you all,”

Following on from his crowd-pleasing performance of ‘Slow Hands’, Horan performed an acoustic rendition of his debut solo song, ‘This Town’.

And the 1D star didn’t stop there, giving an exclusive debut performance of his newest single ‘On The Loose’.

Yet the crowd simply wanted more from Horan despite him singing his hit solo tracks.

As his band began to walk off stage, fans started chanting “1D song!” to which Niall happily obliged.

“I don’t have anything prepared, but I can play some chords and we can have a bit of a sing-along.”


And One Directioners were certainly in for a treat as he began playing ‘Best Song Ever’ on his guitar.

Talking to the Today show hosts, Niall revealed how much he is loving his solo career so far.

“Everything is completely from me, every single lyric, I’m enjoying that side of it. I’m going to be doing lots of travelling this summer with Slow Hands so when that ends I’ll do the album.”