Emma Watson’s Films Have Grossed Over $3 Billion At The Box Office With Beauty and the Beast Coming Out On Top

Emma Watson is officially queen of the box office.

Movies featuring the 27-year old actress have made a combined total of over $3.2 billion according to Box Office Mojo.

Unsurprisingly the Harry Potter franchise plays a major part in her box office success.


The Deathly Hallows Part 2 alone brought in over $300 million.

But it’s not just her infamous role as Hermione Granger that’s made Watson a movie sensation.

Her biggest success to date is Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast which came out in March this year.

The live-action hit had the strongest ever opening for a springtime film.


And it’s overall gross total since its release is now at a staggering $500 million.

In the last year, the musical hit – which sees Emma take on the role of princess Belle – has only been outdone by Rogue One in earnings.

And when it comes to Emma’s pay check, the Hollywood Reporter claim she received around $15 million for her magical part.

Her most recent role was in sci-fi drama The Circle alongside Tom Hanks, however it has mostly negative reviews since its release in April.

Even though the movie isn’t one of Emma’s biggest successes, she loves being Hanks’ co-star.

Talking at the film’s premiere, the women’s rights activist gushed,

You just think to yourself, ‘There’s no way this guy is gonna live up to his reputation.’ And then he does and it’s like, ‘What?! Really?!’ He’s funny and kind and generous to work with and very hard working and he’s all the things. He is all the things.