Minka Kelly Slams Trump For His Decision To Pull US Out Of Paris Climate Agreement

Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly has took to Twitter to slam Donald Trump.

The US President made headlines last night due to his decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

Retweeting American novelist Cheryl Strayed’s tweet, Kelly aptly wrote “what she said”.


Strayed made a powerful statement to her 120,000 followers.

“Dear world: this president does not speak for me. I’m with you and so are millions of Americans. We will continue the fight”, along with the hashtag “#ResistTrump”.

And Minka seems to totally agree with the memoirist’s views.

But Kelly didn’t stop there.

She also retweeted political commentator, Robert Reich, for his comment on the shocking decision.

This is not an economic decision. His economic advisors & business leaders advised against.

The Paris agreement commits 187 countries – now excluding the United States – to keep global temperature rises below 3.6F.

Its goal is for every country to play their part in reducing global warming, but now Trump wants out.

Many world leaders have been quick to criticise the newly-elected President.

They’re calling the 70-year old’s decision “irreversible”, while the UK’s PM Teresa May says she’s disappointed.

Hillary Clinton has also taken to social media to shame her former rival, calling it “a historic mistake”.

Trump meanwhile is promising to negotiate a “fairer” deal for the States.

Charlie’s Angel star Minka came under fire recently for her rumoured affair with Jesse Williams.

Her relationship with the Grey’s Anatomy actor is supposedly official.


But fans have given Minka a hard time, accusing her of seeing Jesse behind his wife’s back.

Williams’ marriage with Aryn Drake-Lee lasted five strong years, and the former couple even have two children together.

Blind Gossip were the first to reveal the rumours that The Cabin in the Woods actor was seeing Kelly.

The new lovebirds got people talking when they went on a date in Paris in March.

Williams’ and Drake-Lee’s legal divorce began on April 11, but they have actually been separated for over a year.

An insider denies that Jesse cheated on Aryn, saying,

Jesse was single when his romance began with Mink. The timing was right. They feel like fate brought them together.