Tinie Tempah Hits Out At Clothing Store Topman For Copying His ‘Youth’ Hoodies

Tinie Tempah is not happy with popular British clothing store Topman.

The London-born rapper took to Twitter today accusing the retailer of copying his hoodie design.

Posting a screenshot of the menswear brand selling a ‘Granted Black Youth Print Hoodie’, the 28 year-old wrote,

If you really wanted my YOUTH Hoodies, all you had to do was ask @topman

Topman’s design holds a striking resemblance to the merchandise that Tinie released in April.

In celebration of his third album – titled YOUTH – Tinie launched a line of products for his fans to enjoy.

And one standout item is the black hoodie, with the word YOUTH across the front.

The ‘Pass Out’ star even posted a snap of him on Instagram wearing the hoodie a couple of months ago.

'YOUTH' Merch available now. www.youthclubmerch.com #YOUTHCLUB

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While the Youth Club Merchandise site is currently down for maintenance, halting fans from buying his products, it’s clear that Tinie is not happy with Topman stealing his idea.

The hip-hop star showcased his new clothing at a pop-up event in Shoreditch, London, in April.

The event – which was free to attend – took his fans through a nostalgic journey of his life.

Tinie Tempah

It was filled with a replica of Tinie’s childhood bedroom, boasting ’90s posters and games, and even a barbershop similar to the one his dad used to own.

As well as the creative touches to the YOUTH pop-up event, the branded hoodies were also available for the public to buy.

Fans have been quick to react to the artist’s angry tweet.

One wrote,

Another court case coming for Topman I see.

While another joked,

It’s like when your nan brings you a fake football kit home from Tenerife.

And even though Topman are yet to speak out about Tinie’s accusations, he isn’t the first pop star to tackle the clothing brand.

Pop star Rihanna won the legal battle against Topshop – who own Topman – in 2013.

She sued the brand for $5 million after they were selling a T-shirt that featured a photograph of Rihanna on the front.

Belfast Telegraph

The image was extremely similar to one of Rihanna’s album covers, giving off the misconception that the ‘Umbrella’ singer had approved the design.

Tinie recently spoke out about this album YOUTH, saying,

I [want] to give a nod to all of the genres of music I heard growing up that made me want to be a rapper… It’s also about empowering young people to think outside the box… I honestly feel that there is no limit to where you can get in life. I really believe that. Youth is the time where you dream without any limitations or fear. And I wanted to share MY story with the world through MY music.