Where Was Usher? Fans Question The Star’s Absence At Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester Benefit Concert

Ariana Grande returned to Manchester yesterday to honour of all the innocent victims and all those who have been affected by the dreadful terror attack just two weeks ago.

One Love Manchester saw a star-studded lineup join the 23-year old at the city’s Old Trafford cricket ground.

Getty Images for One Love Manchester

From Coldplay’s moving rendition of ‘Fix You’ to Miley Cyrus and Ariana’s duet cover of ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’, the night was full with many emotional yet powerful moments as some of the biggest stars in the world united against terror.

But even though the night was a huge success, many fans have took to Twitter wondering why Usher didn’t make an appearance.

He was part of the original lineup for the show and even tweeted about the event just hours before.

After Ariana sang her final song, a touching performance of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’, one fan took to the social media site to point out that Usher didn’t turn up.

I just remembered something, where was Usher.

Liam Gallagher’s surprise appearance at the event went down extremely well with the crowd.

And even though the former Oasis star – who was born in Manchester – made an impact on the night, Usher’s hardcore fans were hoping it was the ‘Love in this Club’ singer that was going to walk out on stage.

Can’t put into words the feeling when we were expecting Usher and Liam Gallagher walks on.

Another fan exclaimed,

I know Liam Gallagher is a Manchester legend and all but WHERE IS USHER.

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While another fan suggested Usher’s name on the lineup was just a cover up for Liam’s surprise appearance.

Others saw the more light-hearted side of the mix up, with one fan saying,

He was the usher… ushering everyone to their seats.

While the ‘Climax’ star is yet to speak out about why he didn’t make the show, it’s safe to say Ariana Grande’s concert has been a huge uplift for so many in both Manchester and across the world.

Grande’s manager, Scooter Braun, took to the stage during the night to speak out about the importance of the gig.

Evil will test us. It will show its face again. But because of you, as a worldwide community, we will be fearless, we will be great and we will honor our children. We owe it to them to be brave… Hatred will never win, fear will never divide us, because on this day we all stood with Manchester.


The concert came just one day after another terror attack in the UK.

Seven people sadly lost their lives and a further 48 have been injured after the London Bridge attack on Saturday night.

Braun spoke out to the 50,000 strong crowd, saying,

Last night, this nation was challenged, and you had a decision to make whether to come out here tonight. And this is so beautiful. You looked fear in the face and said, ‘No. This is Manchester…’ Manchester, your bravery is our hope.