Lorde Reveals Her Inspiration Behind New Single ‘Sober’

Lorde is well and truly back, and following the success of her comeback single ‘Green Light’, she’s now giving us another teaser of what’s to come in her second album Melodrama.

Just last week the brunette teased us with the catchy ‘Perfect Places’, and her latest single release – ‘Sober’ – is yet another dominating hit from the New Zealand star.

It’s her final song release before the complete record goes on sale on June 16.


She took to Twitter today to explain her bizarre inspiration behind the new track.

Enticing fans in, the pop star – real name Ella – revealed to her 4.9 million followers:

I wanna tell you about sober.

She then followed the tweet up by revealing the exact moment the bongo-infused hit came to her.

So the first inkling of sober came to me in the back of an uber, and then properly at Jack and Lena’s kitchen table. I bolted to the studio.

She goes on to say,

I’ll never forget writing the first demo it was like a trance… I guided [producer] Jack to the chords almost wordlessly with my hands on his shoulders.

It was this really intense booming slow synth thing with a drum outro for ages then [record producer] malay came [through] on my birthday [and] cracked the code on it.

But this song was so important to me because it felt like pop music I hadn’t heard before, this sprawling brass & strange vocal syncopation.

The ‘Royal’ singer goes on to say,

And I think we expressed the emotions so purely – it’s leaning [and] drawling, juvenile [and] triumphant – impressing someone then embarrassing [yourself].

And that late Saturday night declaration, ‘we pretend that we just don’t care/but we care’ tasted as fresh [and] new in my mouth as ice water.

She then tweeted producer Jack saying,

Buddy can [you] believe this f—ing song is out?

As well as the release of ‘Sober’, the 20-year old has also announced a tour across Europe and Australia, as well as her native New Zealand.

American singer, Khalid, will be joining her as the support act.

it's official – i'm bringing the first legs of the MELODRAMA WORLD TOUR to new zealand, australia, europe and the UK!!!!!!!!! presale details in my bio. more dates coming super soon. ❤️⚡️💙 also… check your streaming service at midnight. to celebrate the launch of the tour i'm giving you the last little taste of melodrama before release next week. love this one to death. #JUNE16

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Listen to ‘Sober’ here: