Twitter Reacts To Bette Midler’s Acceptance Speech At Tony Awards 2017 As She Shuts Down Play-Off Music

Bette Midler scooped the prize for ‘Best Lead Actress in a Musical’ at last night’s Tony Awards.

But while her win for the lead role in Hello, Dolly! is pretty incredible in itself, the 71-year old’s acceptance speech is even better.

Midler managed to talk over and successfully shut down the play-off music that tried to usher her off stage.


During the star’s lengthy speech, the event runners began playing music as a call for Midler to wrap it up.

But it soon became clear the legendary actress wouldn’t stand for it, with her saying, ‘shut that c–p off!’ as the music tried to drown her out.

Even more amazingly, Midler was successful in standing her ground and the music was turned off.

The audience consequently cheered as the Broadway star continued her thank-you speech, which ended up being over four minutes long.

Talking of Hello, Dolly! the iconic actress also explained,

This play has the ability to lift your spirits in these terrible, terrible times.

Twitter has since been full of praise for the singer and actress.


Kathryn Lurie wrote,

WOW Bette Midler actually made them turn off the music! LOVE it.

While American journalist, Dave Itzkoff, aptly wrote,

Bette Midler became president tonight.

Another tweet read,

Bette Midler and Julia Robert are the two actors I’ve seen shush the music playing them out and succeed. WOMEN ARE POWER.

Midler didn’t stop there, continuing to thank people backstage in the press room.

She immediately apologised for the people she had somehow forgot to mention in her first speech.

And even ended her backstage talk with a not-so subtle, “Bette Midler for president!”

And as if her inspiring speeches weren’t enough, she also took to Twitter after the event.

In all the pandemonium tonight I neglected to thank the brilliant ensemble of ‘Hello Dolly,’ whom I adore. Please forgive me kids! I’m old!

Hello, Dolly! won four awards in total on the night, including ‘Best Revival of a Musical’.