Jesse Williams And Minka Kelly Join The Character List For Video Game ‘Detroit: Become Human’

Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly are starring in the new PlayStation 4 game Detroit: Become Human.

Quantic Dream, the studio behind the highly-aniticpated video game, took to Twitter to reveal that the couple have joined the character list.

Very proud to have [Jesse Williams] and [Minka Kelly] join the cast of #DetroitBecomeHuman.

David Cage, the French video game designer, spoke in a recent interview at Sony’s E3 press conference.

He confirmed that both the Grey’s Anatomy actor and the Friday Night Lights star have been working on the upcoming game.

Quantic Dream

The character of Marcus is incarnated by Jesse Williams and the woman he is with is Minka Kelly. We were really looking for the right talents to play these roles as they’re very strong parts, very challenging and very emotional… we were just looking for the right actors who would really give their flesh and bone.

The co-stars have faced a lot of criticism in recent months over their rumoured relationship.

Fans were heartbroken to hear that Jesse and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee are divorcing.

And fans have been giving Minka, his alleged new beau, a hard time ever since.

But despite affair rumours, a source close to the pair denies that Kelly got with Jesse while he was a married man.

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It’s thought that the two are now officially together, although neither have spoken out about their relationship.

Blind Gossip were the first to reveal the rumours that The Cabin in the Woods actor was seeing Minka.

The new lovebirds got people talking when they went on a date in Paris in March.

And maybe filming for the upcoming Detroit: Become Human has something to do with their blossoming romance.

An unnamed source close to Williams says his marriage was over a long time before he began dating Minka.

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Their legal divorce began on April 11, but they have actually been separated for over a year.

The insider revealed,

Jesse was single when his romance began with Minka. The timing was right. They feel like fate brought them together.

Regardless of their scandalous relationship, most fans seem to be happy about Minka and Jesse’s casting in the video game.

One tweeted,

Oh s–t, Minka Kelly was the voice of the main female character in the new Detroit trailer. YAAAAAS this is getting better each time.

Another wrote,

Very excited for them and the rest of the game! I can’t wait!

While one fan said,

Is that [Minka Kelly] of Almost Human fame doing a voice in Detroit: Become Human? Sweet, I liked her character on that short lived show.

And it seems most of the Detroit fans are happy with Minka’s casting.

Looking forward to seeing [Minka Kelly] kick some ass!

Despite the new trailer and cast announcement, the release date for the PlayStation 4 exclusive is still unknown.