The Beyhive Think Beyonce Is In Labor And They Couldn’t Be More Excited

Have the Beyhive confirmed that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s twins are finally here?

While the millionaire couple and their reps are keeping quiet, fans are sure that Beyoncé is in labour.

Her dedicated followers are doing all the digging for us, and are almost certain that the twins are on their way, if not already born.

Several reports are claiming that the ‘Love on Top’ singer is at a maternity unit in L.A.


And with their black Escalade SUV being spotted leaving their home and heading to the California hospital, it definitely seems like something’s going on in the Carter camp.

Fans have taken to Twitter over the last day to express their excitement over Queen Bey’s labor.

One member of the Beyhive reminds us just how dedicated her fans really are.

If Beyoncé is in labor, we’re all in labor.

Another told their fellow Beyhivers to ‘breathe’.

And the tweets just kept on coming, with the Beyhive utterly convinced that the twins are almost here.

Beyoncé is in labor right now… I feel like I’m in labor with her… we got this girl.

While others are imagining the pop diva to be totally killing it, even while she’s giving birth.

Beyoncé in labor and all her screams gonna be in perfect high pitch key, facts only.

The former Destiny’s Child star has been particularly quiet recently, with her last Instagram post being on May 30.

She shared an adorable snap of 5-year old daughter Blue Ivy.


But we haven’t heard from the singer since.

While her fans are reassuring themselves that the 35-year-old must be giving birth right about now, there is still no confirmation.

However, looking at the social media presence of Bey’s closest friends and family members suggests they aren’t with the ‘Run the World’ star at all.

According to E!, Beyoncé’s sister Solange was spotted out and about with her hubby Alan Ferguson in West Hollywood yesterday.

While the pop star’s mom, Tina Knowles, is currently living it up in Disneyland in Anaheim, California, not at Beyoncé’s bedside as she brings the twins into the world.

Just finished a trip with Tina's Angels and Richards warriors! To Disneyland! It was hott but fun !! It was our trip to kick Off summer vacation! The kids were great fun ! Check out my micky hat❤️

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Is this a sign that the labor rumours simply aren’t true?

Or maybe Mr and Mrs Carter brought their new additions home weeks ago and are keeping us all in the dark?

Either way, it’s safe to say the Beyhive simply can’t wait to find out the truth.