Madonna Celebrates Father’s Day: ‘Let’s Face It I’m The Mommy And The Daddy’

Mom of six, Madonna, took to social media yesterday to celebrate Father’s Day.

But she had a different take on the occasion to the majority of celebrities.

The world renowned pop star used the widely celebrated day as a chance to congratulate herself on her parenting skills.

Posting to her 1.6 million Twitter followers, the blonde ‘Material Girl’ wrote,

And Happy Father’s Day to me too because let’s face it… I’m the Mommy and the Daddy. I don’t care what the papers say.

Her tweet was accompanied by a collage of all her children that read ‘Happy Mother’s Day Madonna’.

Twins Stella and Esther – the newest additions to the family – appeared in the bottom right of the snap.

While Mercy James, 11, David Banda, 11, Rocco, 16, and Lourdes, 20, were seen in a picture with Madonna on a skiing vacation.

Lourdes’ father, Carlos Leon, is still a big part of her life despite separating from Madonna seven months after her birth.

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In an interview with People last year, Leon explained,

I’m forever grateful to [Madonna]. I have no regrets. I wouldn’t change anything [as] I got the best thing out of that relationship, and that’s my daughter. My daughter is everything to me.

Rocco and David’s dad, Guy Ritchie, split from Madonna in 2008, but Ritchie actually won the custody battle for Rocco last fall.

Madonna’s other three children – Mercy, Stella and Esther – were all adopted from Malawi.

The twins became the 58-year-old mom’s newest daughters in February of this year.


She first heard about the 4-year-old siblings when she was doing charity work in the East African country.

The music icon consequently felt ‘compelled’ to adopt them after learning about their troubled upbringing.

As well as wishing herself a happy Father’s Day, Madonna also took to Twitter to pay tribute to her father, Silvio Ciccone.

She wrote,

Happy Father’s Day to the O.G. that gave me life! Love you [forever].