Are Celine Dion & Adele About To Collaborate?

Music legend Celine Dion made her return to the UK last night in the first of four shows at London’s O2.

And it seems there was only one person on her mind as she took to the stage – pop sensation Adele.

As Celine was finally in Adele’s hometown, she was really keen to meet up with the Tottenham-born star.


The Canadian icon sang an improvised number about the fact she’d been trying to call Adele all day but there was no answer.

One concert-goer posted the funny clip on Twitter, saying,

[Adele], [Celine Dion] just said she wants to meet you. (I also want to see this)

After her impromptu song about her British idol, Celine Dion told the crowd she’d love to move to London one day, and is desperate to meet Adele in the flesh.

I want to move here. If I do, do you think if I move here I can meet Adele & you can help fix this for me.

But little did the 20,000-strong crowd know, the ‘Hello’ singer was about to surprise Celion Dion with a backstage meet up after her gig.

According to The Sun, the songstresses discussed a possible collaboration, but Adele admits she’s ‘too scared’ to sing with Dion live.

The insider revealed,

Adele made the trip to meet her idol and the music legends both embraced in a private room backstage before the gig and told each other how much they loved each other. Adele said she would love to sing with her on stage at some point but she would be too scared.

And while fans are living in hope that the divas team up for what would be a sensational performance, Dion previously said she didn’t want to be ‘tacky’ and ask Adele to duet.

Talking to the Toronto Metro in 2013, Dion said of the ‘Chasing Pavements’ star,

I love her. I just would love to meet with her. If I see her, I would be star-struck and tell her that I’m her number one fan. Every soundtrack that I do, I find ways to sing her songs through my warm-up but I wouldn’t be so tacky as to ask her to sing with me.

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And four years on, it seems Celine’s love and admiration for Adele hasn’t gone away.

Fans have been going crazy on Twitter at the idea of a collaboration between the pair.

One wrote,

I’m just imaging Adele ft Celine Dion and my wig is already gone wow

While another begged for them to take over the O2 stage.

Adele off to see Celine Dion at the O2 tonight please come and join her on stage! #WishfulThinking #Please

The ‘My Heart Will Go On’ singer has another three nights at London’s O2 arena – but the big question is will Adele be joining her?

It seems the 49-year old impressed her UK fans on the opening night.

London-based artist, Scarlet Baxter, was also in the crowd.

She tweeted of the concert,

Oh my!!! I have no words to what I witnessed with Celine The Queen tonight. A woman I grew up listening to & wanting to be like.

While another fan said she ‘hit all the notes effortlessly’.