Demi Lovato Celebrates Camp Rock’s Nine-Year Anniversary: ‘Thank You Disney’

Demi Lovato is no doubt one of America’s biggest female singers, and it’s clear from her sky-scraping vocals and down-to-earth personality why she has such a huge fanbase.

But sometimes we forget that she got her first big break as everyone’s favourite Disney girl in the teen hit Camp Rock.

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine whole years since Demi first burst onto our screen as Mitchie Torres – the aspiring singer who’s dream is to go to the summer music camp, and her only way in is by working in the kitchen as a helper.

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With its star-studded cast – all three of the Jonas Brothers – and the movie’s cringe but oh-so catchy songs, there’s no wonder it’s gone down as one of the best Disney Channel Original Movies.

And although she may cringe when she watches her 15-year old self belting out ‘This Is Me’, it seems Demi is forever grateful for the musical hit.

Taking to Twitter, the 24-year old thanked Disney for giving her the kickstart she needed in her career.

9 years of Camp Rock?!… Time flies by so fast. Thank you Disney for the beginning of such an incredible journey.


Fans have been quick to respond to Demi’s heartfelt tweet, thanking her for being their inspiration.

One wrote,

I saw you singing so you made me your fan. Thank you for being part of my childhood and my life until today.

While one ‘Lovatic’ called her an “idol”.

From a shy little girl with dreams to a confident woman at the best moment of her life, called an idol by millions; your Lovatics love you.

Another eager fan simply tweeted,


And it seems many other tweeters are also eagerly awaiting the third movie.

Demi and fellow cast members teased that Camp Rock 3 could be in the pipeline in a recent interview with Marie Claire.

Joe Jonas explained,

If it made sense, sure. For all of us — Demi, Nick, it would be funny to do a spin on it. Do the graduating days, make it kinda dark… We’ve joked around about the idea a couple times.

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And Entertainment Weekly went on to ask Demi about the possible follow up to Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, and she also confirmed it could definitely happen.

[It was] my idea! My idea! Yes, and we’re totally gonna do it…It’s going to happen. We want to come out with a R-rated Camp Rock 3. All of our fans have now grown up, and so anybody who watched Camp Rock is older and can appreciate [this new] version.

While it’s not yet clear if the third instalment will become a reality, an IMDb page suggests a 2019 release.