20 Hilarious Celebrity Photos That Went Viral

Celebrities are pretty much photographed throughout their entire career.

From attending big Hollywood events to even just performing the most mundane everyday tasks like their grocery shopping, paparazzi are always ready to take a snap.

There are countless photos of them on the web but some get more attention than others.

Every now and again, a photo goes viral, or in some cases even becomes a meme, and we totally love it.

Jim Carrey, 2008


Jim Carrey is the king of not giving a damn and he totally rocked this swimsuit whilst on holiday.

Vladimir Putin, 2009


Just casually trotting along on my horse with no top on, no biggie.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 2013


Remember when Leo transformed into a golden retriever puppy sticking his head out of the window. We want to be this happy.