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Net Worth: $60 million

D.O.B: 18/03/1979

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Being one of the sexiest and most talented people in pop history is not enough for Adam Levine; he has constantly outdone himself over the years. He is now considered one of the living legends; with his band Maroon 5 he has entertained millions around the world while mentoring upcoming talents and teaching them the ropes of the music industry. Considered one of the sexiest men in the world, Adam does not rely on his looks, he only knows one way to success and that is through hard work.


Adam Noah Levine was born in Los Angeles, California. His father is Fred Levine who owned a retail chain and his mother is Patsy Levine who is a counselor. Levine’s patriarchal side is Jewish while his matriarchal side is of Scottish and German descent. He is related to TV producer Peter Noah and author and journalist Timothy Noah who are both his uncles. He has four siblings, two girls and two boys. Adam’s mother and father divorced when he was seven-years old and he cried about it prompting his parents to make up and go to therapy. He lived with his mother on weekdays and went to live with his father on the weekends.

His family was very musical and Adam credits his mother for developing his interest in music. His mother was a fan of old school pop and rock and he picked up a little from her idols; Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles. His music style is influenced by his mom’s legends and they were a huge part of his upbringing. He attended Brentwood School where he met Jesse Carmichael and Mickey Madden who became his band mates in the future. In high school, Adam went through a rebellious phase but he never lost interest in music and he wanted to be a musician. He started using drugs and hallucinogens such as mushrooms. He stopped using drugs when he abused prescription drugs and was unconscious for a whole hour.

In 1995, Adam, together with Mickey Madden, Jesse Carmichael and Ryan Dusic who was also a school mate, formed a band called ‘Kara’s Flower’ in a garage. They got their first gig at a nightclub in West Hollywood. Levine was the lead vocalist and guitarist. By 1997 they had been playing in several gigs and they were well known in local clubs. They were discovered that same year when they were playing at a beach party in Malibu by producer Tommy Allen. Allen had a partner and they had the band record an album which had 11 tracks on it. After a few showcases, the band was signed by Reprise Records. They recorded but only sold 5,000 copies. The leading single did not break into the market and their producer quit from the label. Reprise records dropped them. The band broke up after the disappointment.


Adam left for New York with his friend Carmichael to study. Adam would attend five colleges in New York without any success and he since called his friends back and formed a new band. They started experimenting with several styles of music. Previously they had been playing Rock n’ Roll and Adam felt that it was time they changed. They found their style in groove-like music which somehow is a combination of R’n’B and pop. They recorded some demos which were rejected by several labels. Luckily Octone records executives signed them. They added a fifth member to their band and they called it Maroon 5. The fifth member was added to play the guitar and free up Levine as the vocalist so he could perform better.

Around the same time, Adam had found a job as a writer’s assistant on the show Judging Amy. The show’s producer was a family friend. He used his time on the show to write Maroon 5’s debut album titled Songs about Jane. The album was not an instant hit; it slowly rose among the charts and became a sleeper hit. It sold about 10 million copies and was the tenth highest selling album of 2004, which was two years after it, was released.  In 2005, Maroon 5 won a Grammy award for the Best New Act and the following year they won the Grammy award for best new artist. In 2007 they won another Grammy for the best pop performance for their performance of the song ‘This Love’.

In 2007 the band released another album; It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. The band was starting to grow more confident in its style and Adam described it as more powerful and confident. The band went on the six date club tour to push the album. The album spanned three hit singles in the songs, ‘Makes Me Wonder’, ‘Won’t Go Home Without You’, and if ‘I Never See You Again’. The singles received a Grammy nomination each but only “makes me wonder” won a Grammy.

The band started recording in Switzerland in 2009 and collaborated with famous producer and songwriter Eobert Lange. They released their third studio album Hands all Over. It wasn’t well received by the audience. Adam noted that the songs were too individual and that they didn’t make any sense together. The single ‘Moves like Jagger’, was the most successful single from the album. The single is the eighth selling single of all time and sold 8.5 million digital copies in 2009. The single is credited with making the band a household name. Their next album was titled Overexposed and was driven by dance themes. The lead single was titled ‘Payphone’ and was a hit. The single won the band their second Grammy award for ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’. They went on a tour to support the album. In 2014 they collaborated again with Ryan Tedder to release their next album V. They released five singles from the album and undertook a world tour to push the band.

Levine has collaborated with other musicians, he was featured on Live Again by Ying Yang twins, he also appeared on Kanye west’s album Late Registration. The single was titled ‘Heard Em Say’ and was written on an airplane flight which Adam and West shared.  He has collaborated with R’n’B star Alicia Keys and fellow label mate K’naan. He worked with 50 cent and Eminem on the song ‘My Life’ which was released in 2012. He was also featured by R city on the song ‘Locked Away” which was hit in 2015.

Adam has been slowly getting into television and exploring his talent as an act. In 2007 he appeared on Saturday Night Live during the season’s premiere in a digital short called ‘Iran Right So Far’.  He had a cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He hosted Saturday Night Live and was featured on digital short Yolo with Kendrick Lamar. His hosting ability was called mediocre by critics and was disliked by most viewers.

Adam wanted to change the direction of his career and he wanted to avoid being stereotyped like other artists. He felt like his fans viewed him as a bimbo who appeared naked on videos with girls and so he took on a new role as a judge on The Voice. He hoped his role on the show would change people’s perception about him. Adam has served as a judge on the show since its inception in 2011.  During the show, three winners have come from his team and it has helped make him a star.

Adam has tried his hand on continuous acting in television. In 2012 he had a recurring role in the hit horror series American Horror Story; Asylum. He played Morrison who was a newly married photographer who visited the asylum. In an interview, Adam said that the character attracted him even though he didn’t enjoy watching horror genres. He was cast in a romance musical; Begin Again in the same year. He got to work with celebrated filmmaker John Carney. He acted alongside Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. The film opened to favorable reviews and critics praised Adam’s performance.

People magazine named Adam the Sexiest Man Alive in 2013. He was the second non-actor to ever win the award. Adam has collaborated with various brands throughout his career. He designed a guitar for First Act in 2008 and he has his own fashion line ‘222’. He has his own record label ‘222’and he wants to grow the label to a full-fledged record company with publicity and radio departments. He also has his own perfume in collaboration with ID perfumes which was launched in 2013.


The soft spoken tattooed hunk has maintained public interest ever since he burst onto the scene. He avoids controversy as much as he can. In 2011, he was a part of the educational campaign to raise public awareness for ADHD. The project was called ‘Own It’ and was created by Shire, together with Attention Deficit hyperactivity Disorder. As a teenager, Levine had been diagnosed with the syndrome and he wanted to spread awareness about ADHD and remind adults that there was a chance they might still have the condition if they had it in their childhood.

In 2012, Levine tweeted that he wished he was able to put a ban on celebrity fragrance. The following year he launched his own official fragrance with ID perfumes. The perfume was sold through Macys department store. This attracted a lot of media scrutiny due to his quick turnaround.  Some people thought the tweet had been a public stunt to garner interest for the launch of his fragrance line.  In 2013, Adam was appointed the celebrity representative for Proactive. This is a company which produces products to fight acne. During the commercial, he shared about his experiences with acne in high school.

After the murder of former contestant on The Voice, Christina Grimmie, there were rumors that Adam was considering leaving his position as a judge on the show. Adam felt guilty that the show had not offered enough protection to its contestants. On February 2011, Adam stripped naked for testicular cancer awareness for a centerfold in Cosmopolitan.


In 2010, Adam met model Anne Vyalitsyna while performing at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue event in Las Vegas. She was the cover girl for the Russian Sports Illustrated. They began dating and the relationship lasted two years ending in April 2012. That same year, Adam started dating Namibian model Behati Prinsloo. Two years later on July 2014 they got married. In September 2016, Prinsloo gave birth to their first born child; a daughter.

Adam was looking for a way to treat his recurring back problems when he started practicing yoga. Eventually, yoga replaced his weight lifting fitness program. He has said that yoga improved his body drastically and he is grateful to his instructor Chad Dennis.  Levine is a big supporter of same-sex marriages and LGBT rights. His brother is openly gay. In 2011, he made a video to show his supports for the ‘It Gets Better’ Project.

In 2013, a guard sued the Universal Music Publishing Group for a hostile working environment. She said that the label’s location was full of drugs and she could not work well because she could smell marijuana from various offices and even lounges. She claimed that when she complained to her about the cannabis smoke to the studio executives she was told that it was Adam Levine smoking and if he wanted to go to the lobby and smoke a whole line of cocaine it was okay. The label released a statement saying that the allegations were absurd. Adam never commented on the allegations.


Written by: Emily Smith