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D.O.B: 10/02/1997

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She vaulted to fame at five years old with an outstanding performance in 'The Amityville Horror'. A few years later, she was enjoying international stardom after filming 'Kick-Ass', 'Hugo' and 'Carrie'. Although Chloë is in her early 20s, she has achieved a lot, both as an actress and model. For her success, she gives credit to her family especially brother Trevor who gave up his career to become her acting coach.


Chloë Grace Moritz was born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Cartersville. Chloë’s father McCoy Lee Moretz is a plastic surgeon whereas her mother, Teri, works as a nurse. Chloë’s ancestry would best be described as both Germanic and English. She is the only girl and last born in a family of four boys; Brandon, Trevor, Colin and Ethan. Her brother Trevor Duke Moretz is also an actor and producer notable for his role in the 2006 film Bad Wolf. Chloë also confesses to have had a sister, but the little soul died two days after birth. The children were raised in a Christian family and up to date, Chloë maintains her religious orientation.

Chloë’s childhood was however not that exciting especially after her parents divorced due to infidelity. Chloë was only 12 and she had to move in with her mother who was by then suffering from kidney cancer. The single mom was nonetheless quite strong and her sons played an important role as fathers to young Chloë. In a story published by Glamour magazine, Moretz confessed that it would be very difficult to forgive and forget what her father did to her mom.

When Chloë was four, she moved to New York together with her mother and brother upon Trevor being accepted into the Professional Performing Arts School at the age of 15. Despite her young age, Moretz would assist her brother in reading and rehearsing his lines. This in a big way stimulated her interest in acting at a very young age.

Chloë’s family was impressed by her deep interest in acting and they decided to have her attend some auditions to see if she could make her dream come true. At the age of 5, Chloë was already auditioning for acting roles in movies and films.  

Through her brother Trevor, Chloë managed to get a place at the prestigious Professional Performing Arts High School. Although Moretz has since graduated, she confidently states that she won’t be joining college because she is not ready to buy education as it needs to be free.


Chloë’s very first role was in the 2004 television series The Guardian where she portrayed character Violet in two episodes. Her debut film role came shortly after in the drama film Heart of the Beholder playing character Molly.

Her early breakthrough however set in when she was only six and starred in the horror film The Amityville Horror playing as Ryan Reynold’s daughter. According to her mother, Moretz was so young then that she did not allow her to watch the movie when it premiered. Even then, the role earned her a nomination for the Best Performance by a Young Actress Age Ten or Younger from Young Artist Awards. The film propelled Chloë to greater recognition and this landed her another guest starring role in the 2006 film Big Momma’s House 2.

In 2008, Moretz faced a set back after she voiced an entire series as character Penny in the animated Disney film Bolt, only to be told that the role would be played by a different person. However, she did not allow the disappointment to affect her career but she remained focused in building her way up to the top. She managed to land several other small roles in other productions such as Desperate Housewives, Dirty Sexy Money, The Poker House and also rent her voice in the animated children television series My Friends Tigger & Pooh as character Debby.

The year 2010 was even brighter for the young star after she appeared as Hit Girl aka Macready in the action film Kick-Ass. Prior to filming, Chloë enrolled for weapons training and gymnastics with Jackie Chan stunt crew for several months in order to get the drill right of her character. Her role attracted controversy from critics who argued that Chloë was too young to feature in such a violent film. Nonetheless, her performance was splendid and despite the film’s negative review, Moretz’s character was highly praised. She further received several awards and nominations from the Scream Awards and the MTV Movie Awards.

That same year, Moretz played the character of Abby, a 12-year old vampire in the remake of the Swedish film Let the Right One In.

By this time, Chloë had gained intense recognition in the film industry and in November 2010, she was named The Busiest Actress in Hollywood. Without any doubt, this was great news for the then 13-year old star.

Production companies and film directors were intensively looking for Chloë as she was a fit for most roles. In 2011, she landed a role in the crime film Texas Killing Fields playing character Little Anne Sliger. The film got its inspiration from the series of murder cases involving women around the Texas City area. Moretz also appeared in several other films like Hick and Hugo where she lied about being British in order to land the role of Isabella. Although Chloë featured in the film as British, she later confessed to what she did during the auditions. Given her remarkable performance, she received several awards that include the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Star Under 25, Best Leading Young Actress in a Feature Film from Young Artist Awards, Face of the Future from the Women in Film Crystal Awards, as well as a nomination from Saturn Awards in the Best Performance by a Younger Actor category.

In 2012, Moretz starred alongside big names like Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham in the horror comedy film Dark Shadows. Chloë played the role of Carolyn, a rebellious teenager daughter. For this role, she was nominated by Saturn Awards in the Best Performance by a Younger Actor.

Moretz was enjoying great success in the film industry and the year 2013 was even more promising after she reprised her role as Hit Girl in Kick-Ass 2. Although the sequel received mixed reviews, her performance was highly praised and earned her an MTV Movie Award for Biggest Teen Bad Kicking Ass. In the same year, she featured in the film Movie 43, playing the title character of Carrie directed by Kimberly Peirce. Like most of her exceptional roles, she was highly praised.

Chloë’s voice was also highly sought, and in 2013 she started voicing several video games like Kick-Ass: The Game and Dishonored.

In 2014, Chloë starred as the protagonist in If I Stay, playing character Mia, a 17-year old singer who suffers a big emotional blow after her entire family gets involved in an accident. The role earned her a Teen Choice Award in the Choice Movie Actress Drama category. Moretz then landed a role in The 5th Wave playing Cassiee Sullivan and her performance was positively reviewed.

In recent years, Chloë has starred in both big and small productions that include Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, November Criminals and Brain on Fire where she replaced Dakota Fanning due to an alleged busy schedule.

In regards to future film projects, Moretz has stated that she will be dropping out of film works to reassess who she really is and find what she enjoys doing. Nonetheless, she has confirmed that her focus in the meantime will be production as well as completion of two other television projects already at hand.

Besides acting, Moretz is a beauty and fashion icon sought by many brands and magazines to grace their covers. Some of the editorials and magazines she has been featured in include Vogue, Elle, Love Magazine, Flaunt, Teen Vogue, InStyle and many more.

Chloë has further earned the privilege of getting invitations to haute couture events such as Paris Fashion Week and Dior.

Thanks to her enviable body and good taste for fashion, Chloë has earned several awards that include the Max Mara Face of the Future and Face of American youth grunted by clothing retailer Aéropostale in 2012. Further, in 2013, Elle Magazine awarded her the Next Future Icon Award during the Elle Style Awards.


Moretz is a sweet soul, probably because she is still young and has not had a series of controversies with fellow celebrities. Nevertheless, Chloë has had some not so good moments that led to her reputation being questioned.

In 2016 after graduating from high school, Chloë made it clear that she had no intention of joining college. In her statement, Moretz stated that

I love education. It’s always been a huge part of my life. I’ve always really prided myself on being a smart young woman, but the problem I have with it right now is that I’ve made all my own money since I was a kid, and I just really don’t agree with our educational system right now, with the fact that I would have to be spending so much of my hard-earned money to go to college to get a higher education.”

This didn’t go well with parents and guardians who felt that Moretz was a bad influence to the young fans that follow her. In her defense however, she pleaded with the government to scrap off university fees, as it was a financial strain to many young Americans.

Politically, Moretz has no defined beliefs considering she just came of age not long ago. However, in 2016, she proudly showed off her support for the democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. She also rallied the youth to support Clinton during her campaign.

Chloë is also an avid supporter of gay rights. According to her, no one should be discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation, race or even gender. She further confessed that, watching her two older gay brothers hated and discriminated influenced her stand on LGBT rights. She was only 11 when the brothers came out and confessed their orientation, and to defend their stand, she got the motivation to fight for human rights – be it gay rights, minority rights or women rights.

Moretz therefore considers herself a feminist and has on numerous occasions turned down any acting offers that are overtly sexualized. Most likely, it’s because of this stand that Time magazine named her among the 25 most influential teens in 2014.


Although Chloë’s parents divorced when she was still quite young, the family remained close knit. Her brothers served as an example as they worked towards making Chloë’s career in the film industry successful. Her brother Trevor gave up his own career as an actor and instead became his sister’s acting coach. Brandon took the challenge to become her business manager.  

On relationship matters, in 2016 Moretz announced that she was dating Brooklyn Beckham, the son of retired footballer David Beckham. However, their relationship has been an on and off affair and rumors had it that they broke up due to personal differences.

Although Chloë claims to be currently single, there is speculation that she is dating Shawn Mendes. However, neither of them have confirmed the true copy of the alleged rumor.

On other news, Moretz is a social soul with a bunch of friends. Although she likes hanging around with them, Chloë makes it clear to them that work and personal matters can never be mixed. For this reason, she does not allow her friends to be present during film sets and premiers as she considers this a distraction to her.

Despite her young age, Moretz seems to be a tattoo lover already. In an interview with Allure, Moretz stated that tattoos not only help her in paying tribute to important people in her life but also reflect the challenges of growing up.

She has a tattoo on her hip with the number 4419 surrounded by cardinal points which signifies the distance in miles she drove upon turning 18 years. To her, the tattoo represents coming of age. She also has her grandmother’s signature on her back as well as a rose and a cross. A representation of her family is the family initials TBTKCE which are inked on her thigh. A color spectrum on her hip signifies LGBTQ pride and respect for her gay brothers. Together with her best friend, she got a tattoo on her ankle with letters CK. The most important tattoo Chloë has is the print of her sister’s feet who died when she was only a few days old.


Written by: Peris Ngaruiya