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D.O.B: 01/02/1994

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The multi-talented singer, songwriter and actor rose to fame through the UK reality show 'The X Factor', becoming a member of the extremely popular and adored boy band 'One Direction'. Harry, along with band members Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis, took the world by storm becoming one of the biggest boy bands in history. 1D announced their hiatus in 2015, with the boys going on to pursue solo careers after Zayn Malik decided to quit the band. Harry has signed a solo record deal with U.S label Colombia Records with the world expecting big things for his solo career. He's also turned his attention to acting, featuring in 2017 movie 'Dunkirk'.


Harry Edward Styles was born to Anne Cox and Desmond Styles in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK. He is the youngest of two children and has an elder sister, Gemma. He was raised in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire where he attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. He loved singing as a child and remembers artists such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles having a heavy influence on him. Before his rise to stardom, he worked part-time at a bakery in his hometown. He was the lead singer of White Eskimo, a band that he was part of while still in school. The band found huge success locally, winning the Battle of the Bands competition. He left the band once he gained fame in The X Factor UK and became a member of One Direction but the band continued without him. His parents divorced while he was seven years old and both he and his sister stayed with Anne, who later remarried.


Harry Styles auditioned for The X Factor UK back in 2010 as a solo candidate but he failed to progress in the ‘Boys’ category. Singer sensation Nicole Scherzinger, who was a guest judge, suggested that Styles and four other boys in his age group who also failed to progress should be put in a boy band during the ‘Bootcamp’ stage of the competition. The five therefore qualified under the category ‘Groups’. The five met together, got to know one another and practiced. Styles came up with their band name, One Direction, and believed that it would have a nice ring to it. After their first performance, Simon Cowell remarked that they seemed like they had known each other for longer due to the fluid nature of their chemistry on stage. Through the four weeks that followed, Styles and his fellow band members gained popularity across the UK, although ended up finishing in third place overall. Their song, ‘Forever Young’, which was supposed to be released if they had won the competition, somehow got leaked onto the internet and generated a huge buzz. Not long after, Simon Cowell offered them a recording deal under Syco Entertainment worth £2 million, which was the band’s big break. They flew out to Los Angeles in January 2011 where they worked with producer, Red One, on their debut album. They also licensed their first book One Direction: Forever Young: Our Official X Factor Story topping The Sunday Times’ best-seller list.

Harry, as a member of One Direction, participated in The X Factor Live Tour alongside other contestants in February 2011. They continued recording their album soon after in April in Stockholm, London and LA. The band released their debut album titled ‘Up All Night’ in 2011 and had their debut single, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in the UK Singles Chart at number one. They later released ‘Take Me Home’, their second studio album in 2012. The third, ‘Midnight Memories’, the fourth, ‘Four’, and the fifth, ‘Made in the A.M.’ were released in 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. The band also released a documentary titled This Is Us which grossed more than $30 million in its first weekend in the theaters. 

As a solo artist, Styles signed with Columbia Records in June 2016. People have continued speculating over the fact that Styles might take up the rock genre, as everything about him points to a rock star personality. For a long time he has had long, shoulder-length hair and his style is distinctly rock-‘star-ish’. His earlier musical influences where he cited Elvis Presley and The Beatles also serve as an indicator that Styles could opt for rock, deviating from Zayn’s R&B style that has been evident in the songs he has released since his exit from One Direction.

Styles will make his film debut in Dunkirk (2017) which is an action-thriller, starring alongside famous actors such as Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. Some of the other roles that Styles has taken up over the year include: iCarly, Where We Are-The Concert Film and Saturday Night Live where he appeared as himself. These, coupled with the film debut on Dunkirk, fuel the speculation that Styles may intend to actively pursue an acting career in addition to music. Styles has also written and co-written a number of One Direction songs, as well as winning a number of awards alongside his other band members.


Harry Styles has left many girls dreamy-eyed for the past six years. The One Direction band member turned solo artist was popular for his long hair that garnered fans of its own over the years. His green eyes and deep dimples have made many-a-women weak in the knees. Harry’s public image was initially based on his good looks and these have helped him to maintain a huge public following. While most people adored Harry’s long hair, he cut it off in 2016 as an act of charity and now sports shorter hair, something that almost broke the internet with fans mourning the loss of his hair.

Harry also has a number of tattoos. They have been increasing in number every passing year. Some of the ink he boasts include: an eagle tattoo on his inner arm, a tiger head on his upper left thigh and half a broken heart on the left side of his chest. Many see Harry as a ‘serial dater’ because he is always seen in the press dating different women. Some people have gone as far as labeling him a womanizer. The articles, blogs and rumors about him are perpetuated online. He once had to clarify that he has both male and female friends who he hangs out with but apparently he is rumored to be dating all his women friends. Having grown up in an all-female household, Harry has learnt to respect women and treat them well. He is a mature lad who, despite attempts to make him look immature by Taylor Swift, has continued to gracefully take in any heat that comes from people after their break up.

Harry is not all looks and no depth. He is actively involved in different charity projects. One of the most recent ones is the Little Princess Trust, which is a charitable organization that makes wigs for children who go through hair loss. He cut off his hair and donated it to the trust to make a wig for the kids. It is also said that he donates his designer clothes to charity shops since he has a lot of them and cannot keep up with them. He recognizes that there are less fortunate people who would benefit more from having them. During the One Direction Tour when Zayn left, Harry took time off in Cape Town to visit the children at Lalela Project. This project, through art projects, helps children affected by poverty by giving them a chance to be creative.


Harry comes from a close-knit family, comprising of his mother, Anna, and sister, Gemma Styles. His parents got divorced when he was just seven years old, but Harry still kept in touch with his father who is definitely not a deadbeat dad. They still hang out from time to time and their relationship seems pretty solid. Desmond Styles speaks fondly of his son, emphasizing how proud of him he is. His sister, Gemma, who is a journalist, is vocal on social media. In 2016, Harry and Kendall Jenner’s photos were leaked during an iCloud hack on Anne’s account. The photos were of an intimate holiday the two, including Harry’s family, had taken in St. Barts. The photos were not incriminating in any way and only showed just how cozy the two were with each other. Harry did not care that the photos were leaked because they did not affect his image in any way, but he was furious that the hacker targeted his mother in order to get those photos. He is very protective of his mother and was appalled that the hacker would drag her into an issue that she was not a part of. According to him, he is the public figure and so only he should be the target of such attempts. He considered taking legal action, but it would likely not make a difference because the hacker probably won’t be caught anyway.

Harry’s dating life has been of interest to the world since his rise to fame. From November 2011 to January 2012, he dated presenter, Caroline Flack, who is 14-years his senior. This brought up a lot of controversy with speculations from people that his mother Anne and his sister Gemma were against the relationship. Gemma came out later to clarify that she and her mother supported the singer in his life choices and that they did not have a problem with Caroline. Later in October 2012, Harry started dating singer Taylor Swift. They broke up in January 2013 with Taylor taking to the internet and her song-writing to get back at him, even trying to embarrass Styles twice in public. However, Styles remained calm through it all. He has also been linked to Kendall Jenner, with photos of an intimate St. Bart’s holiday shared online after an iCloud hack. In one of the photos Kendall, clad in a bikini, sits on Styles’ lap. Other famous ladies he has been linked to include Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne.


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