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Net Worth: $200 million

D.O.B: 01/03/1994

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Justin Bieber is a Canadian pop star who has taken the world by storm from the age of 13. As well as producing many number one hits, Bieber has a colourful private life, often making the headlines but not always for the right reasons. Having produced music with some of the world's best artists, being the youngest singer to reach number one on the Billboard Top 100 and being the star of his very own film, it's not surprising that Justin Bieber has a strong following of Beliebers.


Justin Bieber was born in Ontario, Canada, and it was here that he spent his childhood growing up with his mother. Bieber is an only child of Jeremy Bieber and Patricia Mallette, who never married, therefore it was down to Patricia to bring up Justin on her own. Her only help came from her mother and step father, who did what they could to help raise Justin and make sure that he had a happy childhood. The young star has two half siblings through his father’s side, Jazmyn and Jaxon, however when they were born Justin was much older.

Justin’s school was called the Jeanne Sauve Cathlic School, an elementary school located in Stratford which he graduated from in 2012. Throughout his time there his musical talent began to shine through. As he was growing up, both in and out of school, Justin began to learn how to play a range of musical instruments, from piano, guitar, drums and the trumpet. He also began to experiment with his voice once he learnt that he could sing. Then in 2007, when he was only 12 years old, he came second in a local singing competition in his home town, singing Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick’. It was from here that his journey to stardom began. Patricia knew that her son had a talent and wanted a way that she could share it with other people.Justin and his mom began posting clips of him singing on YouTube, including a video of him in the competition, plus covers of well-known artists like Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. It only took a little while for the views on his videos to clock up to the thousands, with a huge following of fans eager to hear more. The original video can still be found on YouTube as well as collection of his performances from his early life.

He also got a manager out of the YouTube videos, Scooter Braun, who was a record executive well known for his collaborations with Usher. The talent agent was looking through YouTube when he came across the videos of Justin and knew instantly that he could be a potential star. He contacted Bieber’s mother first and asked then to fly to Atlanta (where he lived) to discuss a contact. When in Atlanta, the young star met Usher, who was the first person to sign Bieber up to a contract when he was only 13 years old to RBGM media company.


Justin’s debut album was released in 2009 and named ‘My World’, in which the very person that signed him, Usher, appears as a guest vocalist. In Canada the track ‘One Time’ in the album reached number one and became very popular globally. This was followed by other single successes such as ‘One Less Lonely Girl’, ‘Love Me’, and ‘Favourite Girl’.

What has to be Bieber’s most well-known song is the single ‘Baby’, which was released in 2010 and featured hip-hop artist Ludacris. This track was very popular all over the world and was one of the main songs that made the singer so well-known. The video of which became the most viewed on YouTube, while also being the most hated.

In 2011 he announced the arrival of his next album, ‘Believe’, which included collaborations with several pop legends including Darkchild, Hit-Boy, Diplo and Max Martin. In the album was the song ‘Boyfriend’ which was a number one hit in Canada, and a close second in the UK and U.S. Following the release and success of this album, he went on tour around the world performing both old and new hits. He also released an acoustic version of the song to showcase the diverse range of styles that he has. It was during his Believe Tour that Justin collapse on stage in London at the O2 Area and had to be rushed to hospital.

As well as music, many people are not aware of his appearances on screen. Having appeared in a few shows such as Crime Scene Investigation, Zoolander 2 and Katy Perry: Part Of Me in addition to his own music videos. He has also starred in his own movie in 2011 named Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, which topped the box office with $12.4 million at its opening. The film documented his journey through his concerts and tour, and fans were eager to get a glimpse of his life behind the stage. It also had guest appearances from Usher, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus. The same year, Bieber produced an album with his own take of Christmas and Holiday classics, which even included a duet with Mariah Carey with the song ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’. Following this he began a ‘Music Mondays’ project which meant that he would release a single every single week on Monday as a run up to his second movie Believe 3D. ‘Music Mondays’ went on for 10 weeks and at the end he put them together in an album called Journals.

It wasn’t until 2015 that there was a slight change in the sort of music that Bieber produced, and this change allowed his fan base to grow considerably. It was this year that he released his new single ‘Where Are You Now’ which reached number one in the charts, alongside his fourth album titled ‘Purpose’. This track allowed him to break a world record as the youngest male artist to reach the top of the Billboard Hot 100, earning him a title as a Guinness World Record holder as well as popular musician. From the same album came the successful tracks ‘Sorry’ and ‘Love Yourself’, both of which made number one on the Billboard Hot 100. He is now one of the few artists to have achieved having three number one singles from one album reaching the top of the chart. This album was very reflective of his new style of music which began to pull in a crowd of older listeners.


Over the years the star has won or been nominated for many awards. Winning awards at the Teen Choice Awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the MTV Video Music Awards in 2011 and 2015, the MTV Movie Awards in 2011 for his film Never Say Never, and in 2012 the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards to name a few. He has also been nominated on several occasions for a People’s Choice Award in the USA, as well as for a Grammy Award twice in 2011 and once in 2016.


Despite only being young, Justin Bieber has been in the press for a lot more than just his music. The singer has a very colourful personal life, and is never far away from making the headlines either about his latest romantic dates or a fight that he has gotten into. When he was only in his teenage years, Justin became involved in his first public scandal that led to even more people knowing his name. In 2011 a woman filed a dispute claiming that Justin was the father of her baby, and of course at the time this was a huge story. However after DNA tests it was proved that the baby was not in fact Justin’s and the case was dropped immediately, but Bieber had already had his first experience of being on the wrong side of the press. Following this, there seemed to be a string of bad behaviour following the young star yet this did not affect how successful he was being with his music.

In 2013, Bieber experienced his second wave of backlash from the public and even some of his fans. He had visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam and in a visitors book he wrote the words ‘would have been a Belieber’, meaning she would have been a huge fan of his and his work. This comment did not go down to well with many members of the public as it was seen to be disrespectful. Following this, again in 2013, Justin was seen and video-recorded urinating in the bucket of a cleaner while shouting obscene words. Although apologising later, it was all these small events that began to tarnish his image in the public eye. He has also been taken into custody on accounts of drag racing and drink driving.

Despite all of this however, he is still very much seen as a teen heartthrob, appearing in many teen publications and magazines. His stylist and road manager has created a ‘street wise’ look for him, which includes him wearing hoodies, caps, dog chains and flashy sneakers. It seems as though people either love Bieber or they hate him, there is no in between.


Bieber identifies himself as a strong Christian and this was evident in the way that he was brought up. Occasionally this belief is referenced in some of his lyrics. Although he currently lives in the US, he has stated that he has no interest in obtaining US citizenship, and was quoted saying that his home country Canada is the best country in the world. An interesting fact about the singer is that he once had a pet monkey that he named Mally, however the creature was confiscated at a German airport, which caused some controversy as he reportedly abandoned it there to find a new home.

As well as being in the public eye for his behaviour and music, Bieber also has a bit of a reputation when it comes to dating, having been with a fair share of women despite his young age. He certainly has a whirlwind dating history. His most well-known partner has to be Selena Gomez, who he dated for 5 years between 2010 to 2015 which his longest relationship to date. At the time the pair of them were inseparable and it came as a big shock to everyone when they finally split in 2015. Before Selena, Justin dated a few other women including Miley Cyrus and Mandy Rain. Following his split from Selena, it was not long before Justin was back on the dating scene, having rumoured relationships with Mirander Kerr in 2012, Rita Ora in 2014, Kylie Jenner in 2014, Kendall Jenner in 2015, Hailey Baldwin in 2016 and many more. In his free time the young star is said to lead a party lifestyle, so meeting lots of new women and people is easy for him.


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