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Net Worth: $45 million

D.O.B: 30/11/1985

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You have seen her face in several hit movies and standout TV shows just as 'The Big Bang Theory', and most of you can resonate with her jovial persona; Kaley Cuoco has been gracing our screens for quite some time. Her fans love her personality, right from her hilarious side to her serious side. The bubbly actress is extremely talented and has won awards along the way since her acting career began.


Kaley Christine Cuoco was born in Camarillo, California and is the elder one to her sister Briana. She led a normal childhood since her parents, Layne Ann Wingate, a homemaker, and Gary Carmine Cuoco, a realtor, had normal careers. Kaley has quite a rich descent since her mother is of English and German descent while her father is of Italian descent. Kaley’s sister, Briana, is talented at singing and this saw her compete on the fifth season of The Voice in the US where she was picked up by Christina Aguilera. The two sisters have a healthy relationship and Briana also doubles up as Kaely’s personal assistant as well as being a talented artist in her own right.

Kaley was quite industrious from a tender age and exploring was what she loved doing best. She was quite active and engaged in various tasks back at home. She took up modelling when she was quite young and her first acting roles were in TV commercials. Having mastered the art quite fast, she graduated to television work. At age five she was already in the business and she appeared in commercials for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs as well as Barbie. She made her movie debut at the age of seven in the comic Quicksand: No Escape. While still quite young, she guest-starred in the series Ellen where she played a mini Ellen Degeneres in the groundbreaking sitcom. From the fans reception it seems she pulled it off pretty well. She also played a young Claire Danes in My So-Called Life.

During her childhood days, she was also the regionally ranked amateur tennis player, a sport which she spiked interest in from the tender age of 3. To the present day, she is an ardent fan of the sport and when she is not acting you’ll see her playing the game. She ranked well in Southern California Tennis Association Standings where she is still a member of the regional amateur division team.

Her busy schedule and career, which she took on from quite a young age, forced her to undergo a homeschooling form of education. She had a lot on her plate from quite a young age since she juggled sports, school as well as a hodgepodge of acting gigs. Homeschooling was necessary to assist her education while still growing her talents. She preferred homeschooling since she was more comfortable and she could avoid being considered an outcast since she was already acting and appearing on TV. She was quite unpopular among her classmates because of pursuing what she loved. She however attended Ashley Tisdale’s prom. Ashley was a fellow teen star and over time they became friends. She was really grateful since she was able to experience the high school milestone after she missed out on her own prom.

From a tender age, she was fond of horse riding and she still enjoys this to date. She even had a nasty experience where she broke her leg while horse riding back in 2010.


Kaley Cuoco landed her first major role in a film while quite young. She featured as a young Karin Carter in the action thriller Virtuosity and this was back in 1995. In 1999, she had a short stint in the popular sitcom Ladies Man. In 2000, she would go on to land another role in a TV movie where she portrayed Maureen McCormick in Growing Up Brady. In the same year, she landed a starring role in Alley Cats Strike.

In 2002 she landed a regular role in the sitcom 8 Simple Rules where she starred as Bridget Hennessy. She acted alongside Amy Davidson who played her younger sister. On the final season of the sitcom, she landed starring roles in 10.5 miniseries, the movie Crimes of Fashion, the independent film Debating Robert Lee and in the film The Hollow. At this stage, she was a household name in the movie and film industry and she was landing many starring roles in films. She also voiced the character of Brandy Harrington, a missed-breed dog in the cartoon Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. She went on to voice the character of Kristee Smith in Bratz from 2004 to 2005. Kaley also played Billie Jenkins, a powerful young witch, on the eighth and final season of the TV show Charmed.

In 2007, she landed a role in sitcom The Big Bang Theory where she played Penny. This was her biggest breakthrough – owing to the popularity of the show and the considerably high earnings that came with it. The show revolves around two geeky roommates, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and their fellow genius friends Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar). Kaley on the other hand plays the role of the roommates’ neighbor who is not as intelligent, but strikes Leonard as a love interest. Initially, she was earning about $60,000 an episode for a single episode of the show. Owing to her good acting skills, her earnings were raised to $200,000 per episode after a negotiation by the cast. As of August 2014, the earnings had risen and each of the three starring cast members, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, alongside herself were taking home a hefty $1 million per episode. Her role in this show saw her recognised by critics and she won a Satellite Award in 2012, a Critics’ Choice Television Award in 2013 and a People’s Choice Award in 2014. She has received numerous nominations of the same sort.

In 2007, Cuoco starred in the Lifetime film To Be Fat Like Me. She also had a chance to play a minor role in the popular Prison Break. She made an appearance in two episodes: “The Message” and “Chicago”. In 2008, she played a starring role in the comedy horror spoof Killer Movie. In 2010, she made an appearance in the film The Penthouse.

In 2011, Cuoco made an appearance in Allure magazine’s yearly feature, “Naked Truth”. This was quite a successful year for her since she also appeared in the films Hop and The Last Ride. She has acted in many other movies including the comedy filled The Wedding Ringer where she acts alongside Kevin Hart. She has been nominated several times and has won some precious accolades thanks to her great talent and prowess at what she does.

In 2014, her great efforts were recognized and she was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Over the years, Kaley Cuoco has continued showing support for the Stand Up for Pits Foundation. She has hosted an event for the cause as well. The foundation works to ensure that pit bulls are kept in good shape by their hosts and are not abused or neglected in whatever way. The foundation, which raises and manages funds for this sake, also extends their efforts to other types of four-legged creatures by discouraging discrimination and abuse of the same.

She is a host to two of the dogs. She has never been shy about sharing her love for the dogs and she regularly posts pictures with them. Kaley makes sure that regularly she engages in philanthropic acts for the sake of the foundation to spread awareness on the need to save the breed. It came to the attention of concerned parties that prejudice and fear directed towards this rare breed of dog has resulted in a great deal of mistreatment and anti-pit bull legislation.

She was also involved in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, alongside other celebrities, where the foundation formed raised well over $100 million for the disease. Many celebrities made videos talking on the need for awareness about the disease and they also made sure they chipped in for a good course by opening up their check books.

In 2014, Kaley was spotted showing support for the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. With her, she had gift bags and hampers filled with healthy juices at a charity event for the foundation. The foundation was set up to pool funds and in this way provide funding for Epidermolysis Bullosa which is an incurable skin disorder that leads to blisters popping out of the skin. More research therefore needs to be done by the non-profit organization.

Kaley is also involved in a campaign to protect seals. She once participated in the Canadian seal hunt whereby the seals were subject to the world’s largest mass slaughter of marine animals. She was quite saddened by this and she swore to do something about it. She organized and held a charity spinning event for this cause. She went on to set up a fundraising page through The Human Society of the United States’ (HSUS) my Humane platform. The initiative sought to raise funds as well as awareness for the Protect Seals Campaign. HSUS is a government organization that safeguards and protects animals. Hands-on care is provided to the animals with particular emphasis on professionalism in the field through education and training.

In July 2016, she received sharp criticism after she posted a picture to Instagram of her dogs sitting on the American flag. Most people considered this disrespect to the nation but she later went on to apologize and she stated that she had ‘utmost respect for her country’.


While she was on the set of The Big Bang Theory, she met and dated co-star Johnny Galecki and this lasted for about two years up until December 2009 when they went their separate ways. Their relationship lasted at the same time their characters in the show dated and they therefore managed to keep it private. Much of what they had was shrouded in secrecy and there is not much that people know about their relationship. Their decision worked well for them and their main fears were how the fans would respond if the news broke out. They were also quite protective of the show and put its interests before theirs.

Earlier on in 2016, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco were spotted together several times including at the People’s Choice Awards but she was quick to clear the air by stating that they were not dating.

She was later engaged to addiction specialist Josh Resnik in 2011. Resnik was also a former bassist for Danzig. The engagement to the medical specialist did not last long and they ended their engagement the following year.

Kaley dated the Man of Steel star Henry Cavill before breaking things off between them.

She has also dated Christopher French for some time who is a singer. The fiancée however went on to marry Cuoco’s childhood friend Ashley Tisdale.

Cuoco subsequently became engaged to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting in 2013 after dating for a couple of months. They had a grand wedding on December 31, 2013, at the onset of a new year. It was fire and ice-themed. The two then decided to divorce and go their own separate ways on September 25, 2015. After all the necessary legal proceedings, the divorce was finalized in May 2016. It is rumored that Ryan was abusing a set of drugs which he initially used as painkillers after his surgery. He was an ardent drinker as well and therefore with time he developed addiction problems which did not go down well with Couco.

She then went on to date equestrian Karl Cook after the nasty breakup with Ryan. They had something  in common between them since they both had love for horses and horse riding.

In 2012, Cuoco organized a flash mob using a bit of her sister’s help. Alongside the cast and crew, they surprised the studio audience and lip synced and danced to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”. The video became an online sensation and was received greatly by the viewers.


Written by: Adeline Freya