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Net Worth: $1 million

D.O.B: 09/01/1982

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Catherine, known best as Kate, is the wife to Prince William, second in line to The English throne. The two got married in 2011 in a colorful ceremony that was widely watched all over the world. She worked briefly in her parents’ company and with Jigsaw, a clothing line, before she got married to Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge. After the wedding, Kate started carrying out royal duties as The Duchess of Cambridge. These duties include attending royal functions, representing the Royal family in different periodic events and conducting charity alongside her husband. She took up the role quite gracefully and has not made any major mistake since she took up the royal duties, a commendable achievement by all standards. Statistics show that she has been one of the biggest reasons why tourists from America are drawn to the U.K.


Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born in Reading, UK. Her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton worked as a flight attendant and flight dispatcher respectively. They later started their own party supplies and decorations company which is worth an estimated £30 million. Kate is the first of three children. She has a younger sister, Philippa, fondly referred to as Pippa, and a younger brother James.

Kate hails from an upper middle class family. She attended an English-language nursery school in Jordan and went to the private St. Andrew’s School school near the village of Pangbourne in Berkshire when she was four years old. She then went to Downe House and boarded at Marlborough College, an independent boarding school in Wiltshire. She attended and graduated from St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland in 2005. She took up an undergraduate MA and graduated with 2:1 Honors in the History of Art.

She worked part-time as an accessory buyer with Jigsaw, a clothing chain from 6006 to November 2007. She also worked in the family business in photography, catalogue design, production and marketing until January 2011, months before she got married to Prince William.


Middleton and Prince William met at the University of St. Andrews in 2001. They were both students in residence at St. Salvator’s Hall. They began dating after two years in 2003 although the relationship remained unconfirmed. Her relationship with Prince William placed her squarely in front of the public eye with the media constantly hounding her at every turn. In 2005, she complained through her lawyers about media harassment, expressly stating that she had not done anything to warrant publicity. Matters escalated in 2007 necessitating warnings, threatening legal action, from The Prince of Wales, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lawyers. Newspapers such as The Sun and The Times and The Guardian refused to publish photos of Middleton taken by paparazzi. Niraj Turner and two other agencies had legal action taken against them by Kate Middleton after taking photos of her over Christmas 2009. Middleton received a public apology and £5,000 in damages and legal costs.

Kate and Prince William enjoyed a steady relationship marked by a split in 2007, after which the two rekindled their love and continued in the relationship. Middleton started showing up in a number of high-profile events, including as an official royal guest, long before the two were engaged. These include: The Passing Out Parade in Sandhurst in December 2006, Peter Phillips, Prince William’s cousin, and Autumn Kelly’s wedding in July 2008 and Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman’s wedding in 2008.

Prince William and Kate got engaged in Kenya during a 10-day visit to The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in October 2010. Clarence House announced the engagement in November 2010 and Kate received an engagement ring that had belonged to Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother. The two got married in April 2011, with a live viewing by 26 million people in Britain and about 300 million all over the world. She gave birth to Prince George, born George Alexander Louis on 24 July 2013. On 4 May 2015, she gave birth to Princess Charlotte, born Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. The two are third and fourth in line in succession to the throne. This was made possible because the Queen had circulated little patent dated 31 December 2012 allowing all children, male or female, to enjoy the princely title and style of Royal Highness.


Kate Middleton is a style icon both in the UK and in the US. Her style is dubbed the ‘Kate Middleton’ effect. It is widely known that bloggers and journalists who cover Kate Middleton’s style have a difficult time as they have to stay on their toes, research, confirm and get the right photos to capture Kate’s essence at every public appearance. Ever since she gained popularity and the attention of the media, Kate has always been the go-to person when it comes to being elegant and stylish. Every outfit she wears is carefully scrutinized, but is one of the most high-profile woman that people emulate when it comes to dressing. The only faux-pas she has had was recently when she wore a dress she had worn before to a widely-publicized event. People on Twitter had a field day, creating memes and sharing their opinion on what was considered a ‘fashion blunder’.

Her style was more keenly scrutinized during her wedding to Prince William in 2011. People were left drooling over the perfection and class that she embodied on her wedding day. Her engagement ring, jewelry and shoes are some of the other components of style that are under the public eye. While Kate’s image is flawless and the envy of many, it probably is the work of a talented professional behind the scenes that style her.

Media attention does not always come in positive doses. There are always rumors about Kate’s pregnancy and her supposed feud with the Queen. Recently, some other stories have emerged about feuds between Carole Middleton and The Prince of Wales over the time they spend with their grandchildren. This is something that the royal family, and Kate, after 5 years of being in the royal family, has come to ignore. Any official communication about major events and pregnancies or births come from the Official Royal House Correspondent. It is not surprising to note that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as Prince Harry do not have their own personal social media accounts that they use for communication. The Kensington palace press has everything under control when it comes to dishing out official statements.


One of the most commendable things about the Royal family is that they are able to keep the press away and keep parts of their personal lives away from the public eye. Kate has gracefully taken to royal duties over the years. She has not had any major incidences with the press on a personal level.

She is a wife to Prince William and a mother of two, Prince George and Princes Charlotte. She would like to get to know the kids and be actively involved in their lives. She does not want to be so consumed in royal duties or anything else for that matter so much that she does not have time for her children. She has done a great job of this, going from the pictures of the happy family that surface online. Kate recently remarked at how much of a mess Prince George makes in the kitchen when she tries to bake with him. She made this remark when she came across some teens baking some crispy chocolate cakes. Such remarks give a glimpse into the kind of relationship that Kate Middleton has with her children. For a moment there, people imagined a different side of Prince George beyond his charming and sophisticated look.

Middleton shares a close brotherly relationship with Prince Harry. They have been captured on camera having a laugh together. Prince Harry has always taken a protective role over Kate even when she and Prince William were just dating. Prince Harry appeals to her sillier side as she fondly describes him as a big kid. She is impressed at how well he plays with her children and admits that her brother-in-law is close to her heart. It is rumored that Kate often advises Prince Harry on the need to settle down. Prince Harry has a reputation with the ladies and does not seem to be in a hurry to get married. However, Kate keeps asking him to consider finding someone worth sharing a future with and not just pursuing a casual thing. Prince Harry is said to hold Kate in high esteem and finds it hard to find a lady who can live up to the standard that Kate already set.

Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, is engaged to James Matthews. However, there seems to be tension between Kate and her future in-law, Spencer Matthews who is the brother to James. Unlike James, Spencer is a reality television star who is vocal about his penchant for ladies and his history of substance abuse. Kate worries that Spencer might cause problems for the Middleton’s as well as for the Royal family if he is unable to rein in his wild nature. James Matthews reassures Pippa that Spencer will behave and Kate has to believe that her sister has everything under control.

Kate Middleton constantly attends formal events with Prince William, and sometimes alone. She attended Wimbledon in a sassy yellow dress and even got filmed together with Serena Williams after she had won. Kate may look like she lives in a fairytale but she is not afraid to break a sweat. She has taken part in public sports such as football, volleyball, field hockey, darts and archery among others. While she may be the Duchess of Cambridge, she has not let go of her sporty side which she also had when she met Prince William in the University of St. Andrews.

Middleton and Prince William have worked with different charities to provide, among other things, food for destitute children in collaboration with UNICEF. Most recently, in August 2016, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a call center that caters to parents whose children may have mental or psychological problems. Through their foundation, The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, renamed in order to recognize Kate’s contribution, they have been raising awareness about mental illness and the need to support parents whose children may be experiencing any mental health issues. They listened in on calls from parents and helped with counseling. This issue is close to their hearts. Prince William opened up about the difficulty of working as an air ambulance pilot. He noted that he had heard so many sad stories and wasn’t sure if he would be able to hear any more. In the end, the couple listened in and congratulated the staff at the hotline center for the valuable service and the support that they provide to all those parents.