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A child model turned popular American singer, actress and fashion designer, Lindsay Lohan was born and raised in a family of celebrities, kicking off her career at the age of 3. Lohan is mostly known for her outstanding performance in 'Freaky Friday', 'Mean Girls' and 'The Parent Trap'. However, some know her as the controversial artist who has attracted media attention for all the wrong reasons.


Lindsay Morgan Lohan was born to Michael Lohan and Donata Sullivan Dina. She was born a healthy child but later developed bronchial asthma. Lindsay was brought up by multi-talented parents who inspired her to become whatever she treasured. Her father was a former child actor, a producer, Wall Street Vendor and also ran the family’s pasta business. Her mother, Dina, was a professional dancer, singer and later became Lindsay’s manager. The American actress was raised a Catholic and has Irish, Italian and German ancestry.

Lohan’s parents had a turbulent relationship that saw them separate when Lindsay was only three. They later reunited but separated again in 2005 before finalizing their divorce in 2007. Their on and off relationship psychologically affected Lindsay and her siblings’ childhood life.

Lohan is the eldest sister of Michael Lohan, Cody and Aliana Lohan. She also has two half siblings, Ashley and Landon from his father’s extra affairs. Coincidentally, all her siblings are in showbiz, either as models or actors.

For elementary studies, Lohan joined the prestigious Laurel Springs School. She then attended Sanford H. Calhoun High School for a short time before proceeding to the famous Cold Spring Harbour High School. At the age of 11, she was homeschooled since her career life had become quite busy. In school she was a smart student who excelled in Mathematics and Sciences. She also enjoyed reading and writing as well as outdoor activities such as gymnastics, swimming, biking and ice skating.


Apparently, Lohan started her career at the age of three. Considering that she came from a family in the show business, it’s no surprise that she was signed to Ford Models at a tender age. Upon the agreement, she immediately landed deals that saw her modeling for big brands like Calvin Klein and Abercrombie kids. Given her childhood beauty, Lohan also appeared in more than 60 TV commercials for various brands that include Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Bill Cosby and more.

At the age of 10, she featured in the television soap opera Another World, playing the role of Alexandra Fowler also referred to as Alli. She starred in the program for an entire year before moving to Disney Channel where she landed her first major role in the 1998 family comedy movie The Parent Trap. Her role received unanimous acclaim after playing dual roles of twins, trying to reunite their divorced parents after being separated at infancy. She further received a Young Artist Award for Best Performance by a leading artist in a feature film. Disney Channel was also pleased with her work and signed her to a three-film contract.

Lohan got her second breakthrough in 2004 after she featured in Disney’s family comedy Freaky Friday playing teenager Anna Coleman. Her dual role playing both a mother and daughter trapped in the same body was highly praised. The film also earned her the Breakthrough performance award from MTV Movie Awards. Freaky Friday propelled Lohan to international stardom and by 2015, the film remained her most commercially successful film.

That same year, she starred in Disney’s Confessions of Teenage Drama Queen and Paramount’s film Mean Girls which indeed turned Lindsay into a bona fide star. Although Mean Girls received mixed reviews, it earned Lohan two outstanding awards; a Teen Choice Award and MTV Movie Award.

In 2005, Lindsay landed yet another role, this time in Disney’s series Herbie: Fully Loaded and this marked her transition into grown up roles.

Meanwhile, Lohan was diversifying her interests and she decided to try her luck in music. She released her debut album Speak in 2004 with Casablanca Records and to her amusement it was a massive hit after gaining platinum status. Unfortunately, her follow up album A Little More Personal did not perform as well as the first one.

Sadly, the year 2005 turned gloomy after her father was sentenced to four years in prison following assault charges filed against him. It got even worse after Dina and her husband signed a separation agreement, with their divorce finalized in 2007. Lohan released the music video ‘Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)’ which highlighted her parents’ broken marriage and her own broken relationship with her father.  The musical open letter featured her sister Ali and the family’s problems played in front of an audience outside their home window.

Consequently, Lohan started living a dangerous lifestyle which she associated with his family’s challenges. She suffered drastic weight loss, and deteriorating health problems saw her checked into hospital due to dehydration.

Things got worse as she started causing frequent accidents. In May 2007, she crashed her Mercedes Benz and was charged with DUI. As a result, she was admitted to various rehab centers since her cocaine intake had also escalated.

Her comeback to the film world started with features in Just My Luck, Chapter 27 and A Prairie Home Companion which unfortunately did not hit the box office as expected.

In 2008, she starred in two films that include the TV sitcom Ugly Betty as a guest star and Labor Pains which was released some time in 2009.  

She also heightened her musical career, this time not with Casablanca Records but Universal Motown. With the help of the label, Lohan began recording the third album, Spirit in the Dark. Sadly, a while later she announced that the album release had been halted since she considered it unwise to work on music and film at the same time.

In 2012, she landed a role in the short lived TV movie Liz and Dick playing character Elizabeth Taylor who is in a relationship with Richard Burton. The movie was of average success and soon after, Lohan had guest appearances on several shows such as Anger Management, Eastbound & Down and 2 Broke Girls.  

In the last few years, Lohan has starred in Inappropriate Comedy, Scary Movie 5, The Canyons and The Shadow Within.


For a while now, Lindsay is referred to as Hollywood’s bad girl after facing numerous arrests and check-ins in rehab centres. Unfortunately, this has not only affected her once vibrant career but also robbed Lindsay a large number of fans.

Lohan’s wrong side with the law started in 2007 after her dangerous partying life got the attention of the public. It came as no surprise when she was charged with drunkard and reckless driving later in the year. Since 2007, Lindsay has been arrested on several other occasions for causing accidents on the road.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2013, Lohan confessed to being a deeply troubled addict who enjoyed snorting cocaine for leisure. As proof to this, the Mean Girls star had been arrested and charged with cocaine possession in 2007. As a result, her driving license was suspended for some time.

After pleading guilty to driving under influence in 2007, Lohan was sentenced to one day in jail and an addition of 10 days doing community service. She was however released three hours later due to overcrowding. In 2010, an arrest warrant was issued after Lohan failed to attend court proceedings and her bail was raised to $100,000. She was also strapped with an alcohol detector and went through drug testing every week. Even then, she violated these conditions and was sentenced to 90 days in jail but was released after serving only two weeks.

Getting over her addiction wasn’t easy and she was therefore admitted to different rehab facilities for a total of three months. According to critics, her drug use caused other mischievous acts that included theft. In 2011, for instance, she was accused of stealing a necklace worth $2,500 from a jewel store in California. A similar case happened a year later after it was alleged that she had stolen jewelry worth $100,000 from multimillionaire Sam Magin. However, Lohan pleaded not guilty of the two accusations.

Due to all the above bad reputation, the Freaky Friday star has been regarded a difficult person to work with. On several occasions, she has been the cause of film release delays after she was jailed, admitted in rehab and hospitalized for stress related issues. Her poor work commitment could be the main reason her net worth has remained low compared to other celebrities who have been in the industry for an equal duration.

Although Lohan was raised a Catholic, she has since converted to Islam. In 2016, rumors spread that she was studying Islam after she was spotted carrying the Holy Book Quran on several instances. In January 2017, she deleted all the posts on her Instagram account leaving only one that read Alaikum salam. Although her Muslim fans were quick to congratulate her, Lohan’s mother refuted the claims stating that her daughter was only taking a break from social media and opted to address her fans in Arabic.

On the good side though, Lohan is philanthropic and has on many occasions contributed large sums of money towards humanitarian efforts. She is also an avid supporter of the American Red Cross.


Lohan’s family life from childhood has been full of troubles and challenges. Her family was unstable thanks to her parents who often received a fair share of negative attention from the media. From drug abuse, domestic disputes and a bitter custody battle over their children, it all had a big impact on the dangerous lifestyle that Lohan went on to live.

On matters to do with relationships, Lohan has never been married but has had a series of broken love affairs. In 2000, it was alleged that she was dating fellow teen star Aaron Carter. A year later, the two broke up after it was rumored that a love triangle had ensued between Lohan, Carter and singer Hilary Duff. After a short break, she started dating actor Wilmer Valderrama with whom she even got engaged. Sadly, the relationship was short lived. Following their break up, Lohan wrote the song ‘Over’ which highlighted her experience after the end of the relationship.

Between 2006 and 2008, Lindsay dated Harry Morton, Calum Best and snow boarder Riley Giles who she met in rehab in July 2008.

Although Lohan has in the past cleared the air about her questionable sexual orientation, it was alleged that she was dating fellow singer and songwriter DJ Samantha Ronson in 2008. However, Lindsay refrained from commenting on claims that she was lesbian and instead stated that she “wants to keep her private life private’. Ronson on the other hand, mentioned that she loved Lohan, with paparazzi always paying attention to their blossoming friendship. Even then, Lohan maintains that she prefers dating men to women. During an interview with CNN, she said “I know I’m straight. I have made out with girls before, and I had a relationship with a girl. But I think I needed to experience that and I think I was looking for something different. I like being in a relationship with a guy.”

Other men who have been in Lindsay’s life include Heath Ledger, Jeremy Greene, Vikram Chatwal and Dennis Papageorgiou. She also dated and became engaged to Russian heir Egor Tarabasov but the two separated in 2016, barely a year after their engagement.


Written by: Peris Ngaruiya