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Pink is a singer-songwriter who managed to gain international stardom in a short space of time. Starting out as a lead singer in her school band, and a backing vocalist in several music groups, there is no doubt Pink’s career was set to be successful. Despite a difficult childhood and a challenging teenage life, Alecia Moore managed to beat all odds and concentrate on her music career to become one of the most celebrated singers in the US.


Born and christened Alecia Beth Moore, but nicknamed Pink, the beauty queen was raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. As a baby she was born healthy, but later developed asthma, a condition that plagued her early life. Her father, Jim Moore was an insurance salesman and Vietman War veteran. Her mother Judith Moore, who has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, worked as a nurse. Pink describes her background as Irish-German-Lithuanian-Jewish. Moore has only one brother, Jason Moore.

Her father was a great influence to her early career and he would write songs with Pink. James Moore also made efforts to expose Pink to the music scene since she was a small child. For instance, he gave her some guitar lessons and played tunes by popular artists of that time, such as Bob Dylan and Don McLean. Later, Pink developed an interest for, and was driven by, works of Madonna and Shirley Murdock.

Pink’s childhood was characterized by many challenges that included marital problems between her parents. The conflicts later led to their divorce before she turned 10 years. The divorce impacted negatively on Pink’s early life since neighbors viewed her as a spoilt child from a broken family. In an interview, Pink stated that, I was never allowed to go over to any of my friends’ houses when I was little, because I was a bad influence.” As a result, Pink sought solace in other activities and that is how she discovered music and her voice as an adolescent.

At the age of nine, Moore was already an avid smoker and her asthmatic condition worsened her health. She nonetheless didn’t stop the habit but rather continued with it into her later years. By the time she was 14 years old, she had become a drug addict and often ran away from her home. She was also involved in petty crime and almost died after she overdosed at the age of 15. Her lifestyle had become very wild and her mother who she was living with couldn’t take it any longer. She was kicked out of her mom’s home and moved in with her father instead.

Moore received her education from Kutz Elementary School, Lenape Middle School before heading to Central Bucks High School West class of 1997. Although Pink dropped out of high school to concentrate on her career, she went back later and earned a GED. In school, she was the lead singer of the Middleground band but they later split up following a rivalry with their competitor, The Jetsists. Pink was in charge of writing songs for the band and her mother revealed that the lyrics to her songs were quite introspective, deep, and worrisome.

At the age of 14, Moore was a good dancer and her vocals had improved a great deal. She was then lucky to land a singing gig at a Philadelphia nightclub every Friday. She also frequented several other Philadelphia clubs where she was either a dancer or a backing vocalist. It is here that she adopted the stage name ‘Pink’, which came from the character Mr. Pink in the film Reservoir Dogs.


Given her exposure and the strong vocals she had acquired, there was no doubt that Pink was a talented singer whose career was budding fast. However, entry into the music industry wasn’t a smooth ride at the beginning.

During one of her performing nights at the club, an executive from MCA Records instantly recognized her and was quite impressed by her singing and dancing prowess. He invited her to audition for an R&B group that was just starting. Given her strong vocals, Pink landed the gig to the Basic Instinct group. Sadly, the group disbanded two years later with nothing to show.

Again, Moore joined hands with two other teenage singers, Stephanie Galligan and Chrissy Conway, to form another R&B group called Choice. The group recorded their first song titled ‘Key to My Heart’ which they sent to LaFace Records in Atlanta. The song impressed musician L.A Reid who signed them into a record deal. The group managed to record an album, but it was never released. The disappointment saw the group disband later in 1998.

Pink was however not one to give up easily as she believed in her dream of becoming an international star. After the Choice breakup, she managed to convince LaFace Records to sign her into a contract, a plea that was granted. She then worked with producers Babyface and Tricky Stewart who helped her record her first solo album Can’t Take Me Home released in 2000. The album’s musical style was dance, pop and R&B mostly aimed at the teen audience. The track singles ‘There You Go’, ‘Most Girls’ and ‘You Make Me Sick’ were a success after they all ranked top 10 on Billboard charts. The single ‘There You Go’ saw Moore receive the Best Pop New Artist award from Billboard music. The album was also a success as it sold approximately 3 million copies worldwide and also acquired a double platinum certification.

In 2001, Pink collaborated with singer Christina Aguilera and rapper Lil’ Kim and recorded the song ‘Lady Marmalade’. The song was a hit and the music video made it even more popular. It won the Video of the Year award from MTV and the track earned both Pink and Christina a shared Grammy Award for Best Collaboration with Vocals.

Despite the success her debut album had garnered, Pink was not satisfied as she wanted to take more control of a serious career. She started off by firing her manager and instead hired Roger Davies. After this, she started working towards her next album which she wanted to be “rockier” as opposed to her predecessors which were polished R&B and Pop. 

In 2001, she worked with producer Linda Perry to release her second album Missundaztood. The name was influenced by Pink’s belief that some people had the wrong perception of her. The album’s lead single ‘Get the Party Started’ performed well and was ranked No. 4 on Hot 100 Charts. Its music video also won MTV’s Best Female Video and Best Dance Video award. The album by itself was a commercial success after more than 13 million copies were sold across the globe and it also set the record as the eighth bestselling album in the year 2002. The album was promoted through the Party Tour across America, Europe and Australia.

Pink’s third album Try This was released in 2003, and although it was a success, it didn’t reach the mark of its predecessor. The album consisted of hit singles like ‘God is a DJ’, ‘Feel Good Time’ and ‘Trouble’, with the latter two earning her nominations for the Grammy Award in the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals and Best Female Rock Vocal Performance categories. She then embarked on her second concert tour, Try This Tour to promote the album.

On conclusion of the tour, she began working towards her fourth album, I’m Not Dead. The album was released by LaFace Records and it turned out to be a great success upon its release in April 2006. The lead single, ‘Stupid Girls’ received criticism as it seemed to be more of an attack towards celebrity girls like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears who supposedly thought being sexy was to do with wearing the latest designer outfits and remaining thin. Nonetheless, the track was a hit, earning her a Grammy nomination in the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance category. The music video of the song further earned her an MTV Award for the Best Pop Video. Other successful tracks in the album included, ‘Who Knew’, ‘Nobody Knows’, ‘Dear Mr. President’ and ‘Leave Me Alone’. The album was promoted through the worldwide I’m Not Dead Tour which elevated its commercial success, particularly after setting the record for being the biggest concert attendance for an arena tour by a female artist. Ultimately, the album sold over 1.3 million copies in the US alone and to date it has been certified Platinum 10 times.

In the following years, she collaborated with other artists as she sought more exposure. She joined Justin Timberlake in his Future Sex/Love Show Tour across the US and also contributed to Indigo Girls album Despite our Differences. She also got featured on India Arie’s song ‘I Am Not My Hair’ as well as a write up for Natalia Druyts track single ‘I Will’ for the album Everything And More.

Come 2008, the album Funhouse was released and some of its track singles included ‘So What’, ‘Sober’, ‘Funhouse’, ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ among others. Although the song ‘So What’ did not have a proper release as it was leaked online, it quickly became a smash hit to her fans. The album was an overall success and it topped the ARIA charts.

In 2010, Pink performed an aerial act for the song ‘Glitter in the Air’ from the Funhouse album at the Grammy Awards ceremony. Her impressive performance was well received and she received a standing ovation. That same year, she released a compilation album titled Greatest Hits…So Far through Jive Records which featured biggest hits from previous works as well as unreleased tracks like ‘Raise Your Glass’ and ‘F*ckin Perfect’.

Pink released her sixth studio album The Truth About Love with the lead song being ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ in 2012. The album performed exceptionally well becoming the world’s sixth bestselling album for the year 2012. The album further received double platinum certification from RIAA. The track ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ was the most successful as it peaked No.1 at the Billboard Charts.

In 2013, she joined hands with singer Dallas Greenand and formed the band You+Me. The band released a folk album titled Rose Ave in 2014 through RCA Records and it debuted at No. 1 on the US Folk Albums Charts.

In the recent days, she has recorded popular theme songs for various movies and television programs such as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Netflix’s animated series Beat Bugs and Through the Looking Glass.

Away from music, Alecia Moore is also an accredited actress. She started off in 2000 starring character Brena in the film Ski to the Max. She also had a cameo appearance in the 2012 film Roller Ball and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle in 2003 where she played a motocross race ramp owner.

In mid 2007, she starred in the American horror film Catacombs playing character Carolyn.

Pink also lent her voice in several animated television programs such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Happy Feet playing character Gloria.

In 2010, she cast alongside Christina Aguilera in the film Get Him to the Greek, where both of them were cameo guest stars.

Another remarkable film work by Pink includes her sex addict role as Dede in the film Thanks for Sharing alongside Gwyneth Paltrow.


Besides artistry, Pink is an animal rights activist and a campaigner of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). She has then rented her voice towards a campaign against KFC. Moore has also criticized the wool industry and went further to pose nude on a PETA Campaign titled I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur. Her animal advocacy was further witnessed in 2007 after headlining in the PAW (Party for Animals) concert held in Cardiff, Wales.

Pink is among many other American celebrities who support the same sex marriage and LGBT rights.

In regards to philanthropy, Pink has supported several humanitarian causes and charity foundations. Some of her notable contributions include support of ONE Campaign, Human Rights Campaign, Run for the Cure Foundation, UNICEF, Save the Children just to name a few. In 2009, Moore reportedly donated $250000 towards the victims of Bushfire in Australia. She has also made donations to Austin Speaks, an organization that conducts research and awareness towards autism cases in America.


Pink met Motocross racer Carey Hart during X Games in Philadelphia and they started dating shortly after. Pink later proposed to Carey during one of Carey’s motocross races. The two tied the knot on January 7 2006 in Costa Rica. Sadly, Pink and Carey announced their separation two years after their marriage. The breakup was a blow to Pink but she healed over time through her music.

Fate seemed to be part of Pink’s life as she reunited with Carey in 2010. According to her, the separation taught her important lessons about marriage and she was now ready to rebuild her marriage. Upon their reunion, the couple was blessed with a daughter in June 2011 whom they named Willow Sage Hart. They also welcomed their second born in December 2016 named Jameson Moon.

As a mother, Pink is an avid supporter of attachment parenting movement which promotes mother and infant continuous bodily closeness and touch.


Written by: Peris Ngaruiya