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Net Worth: $45 Million

D.O.B: 23/10/1976

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A charming and boyishly handsome Canadian boy-turned-actor at the age of 13. While he's best known for his unique flair of comedy, Ryan Reynolds is equally great in action and romantic roles. As he continues to expand his acting prowess, the 'Deadpool' star prides in a huge fan base and multiple film awards. As a bonus, his charisma in fatherhood has him holding the Sexiest Dad Alive title from People's Magazine.


Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His father, James Chester was a former police officer, a boxer and later turned food wholesaler. On the other hand, his mother Tammy was a saleswoman. Ryan is the last born in his family of four boys; Terry, Patrick, and Jeff. Two of the brothers are police officers while the other one is a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The family is of Irish ancestry, and they were all raised as stout Roman Catholics.

Ryan claims that growing up among four brothers prepared him for his acting career. Being the youngest, he needed to cultivate all survival aspects that he probably couldn’t if he was the oldest in the family.

The handsome actor sadly lost his father to the Parkinson disease in 2015. In a statement to the media, Ryan revealed that his father had battled the fatal disease for over 20 years. His father came from a prideful family, and was therefore in denial after he was diagnosed with the neurological disorder. On the good side though, the illness strengthened the family bond as they explored ways to get him a cure.

Reynolds attended Kitsilano Secondary School in 1994 and due to his interest in acting from an early age, he joined the drama class. Sadly, he failed the class despite his determination for acting. Even then, he never gave up and at the age of 13, he attended a casting call in Florida and soon joined the Nickelodeon’s TV series Hillside also referred to as Fifteen in the US. He played as Billy Simpson and this role earned him a Youth in Film Award nomination as well as a chance to feature in other series that include Odyssey, Outer Limits, and Lonesome Dove. However, his primary role in Fifteen came to an end in 1993 after the show was stopped.

He went back home to Vancouver and enrolled at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Studies were not impressive to this young boy and he, therefore, dropped out later at 19 to fully concentrate on his dream of acting.  

It is then that he met Chris William Martin, a fellow aspiring Canadian actor, who convinced him to move to Los Angeles. On arrival in this Cosmopolitan city, Chris and Ryan lived a simple life while auditioning for various shows. The talented star was lucky to get roles in small productions such as My Name is Kate, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Cold Blood.

Ryan’s first serious role came in 1997 after he landed a role in Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place where he played as Berg, an aimless medical student. The series which ended in 2001 was well received and this brought Ryan to a wider public attention. The comedy show further won him the favor by various producers who felt that he was a talented actor in the making.


Ryan was now gaining popularity, and this acted as a foundation for his filming career. Using the exposure from the Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place series, Ryan landed more roles in bigger screen productions that included the 1999 film Coming Soon, We Are Fall Down in 2000 and Finder’s Fee in 2001. His performance in the 2002 Buying the Cow film attracted the attention of Artisan Studios who offered him a lead role in a National Lampoon movie Van Wilder in 2002. He played as the fun loving and perennial college student, but the film did not perform well in the box that year.

The following years, Reynolds was featured in a number of films that were termed a commercial failure since they never wowed audiences. Nevertheless, the rising star enjoyed the exposure the movies gave him as this was the most important aspect in founding his career. These include his role as a waiter in Waiting, a music executive in Just Friends and a protagonist in Definitely Maybe.

In 2004, Ryan went through intense physical training in preparation for his action role in the 2004 film Blade: Trinity where he played Hannibal King, opposite actor Wesley Snipes and actress Jessica Biel. As a vampire hunter, he was forced to gain 25 pounds of muscle to perfectly feature in the role. The next two years were bright for him as he landed a role in the 2005 remake of the 1997 horror film The Amityville Horror which won him the Choice Movie Scary Scene from the Teen Choice Awards. He also featured in the crime action film Smokin’ Aces in 2006 where he played an FBI agent.

To crown his exposure success, People Magazine named him among the Sexiest People in their 2007 issue. This was an achievement for Reynolds as he soon earned the Sexiest Renaissance Man title from the publication.

Ryan was quickly gaining favor in the industry, and he began undertaking high profile roles in big productions. In 2009, he landed a role as a supporting actor in the prequel X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he starred alongside Hugh Jackman. He also showed his comedic talents in The Proposal after teaming up with Sandra Bullock.

The young man was quickly thriving in his career and in 2010, he starred in the independent drama Buried. Reynolds played an American who was kidnapped and killed in Iraq.

The following year, Ryan starred alongside his present wife Blake Lively in filming The Green Lantern. However, Reynolds later confessed to having had a hard time filming the movie due to his poor working relationship with the director Martin Cambell. Sadly, the film’s performance was not good, but it made Ryan one of the few actors headlined in films based on Marvel and DC characters. It also won him the People’s Choice Award for the favorite movie superhero.

That same year, he teamed up with Jason Bateman for the comedy show The Change-Up as well as acting as the narrator for The Whale, a documentary film.

The year 2012 was equally busy for the star after he played an agent in the film Safe House starring Denzel Washington.

Determined for more success, Reynolds lent his voice for the Dreamworks animated movies The Croods and Turbo. He also appeared in several small budget indie films that included The Voices, The Captive and Mississippi Grind.

By 2015, Ryan was drastically gaining critical and commercial success in the industry. He started the year 2015 by playing a supporting role in the Biopic Woman in Gold before featuring in the thriller Self/Less playing a dual role.

By 2016, the year was even better for the Vancouver actor. He starred in the delightfully plucky superhero Deadpool which had been in development since the year 2000. He played the serial killer who takes bad guys and girls down. The film was a commercial success and great achievement for him as he was honored the Golden Globe nomination for best actor.

In the same year, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, thanks to the contribution he had made to the motion pictures industry in Hollywood Boulevard.

Reynolds is set to feature in a science fiction thriller called Life in 2017 co-starring Rebecca Ferguson, and Daniel Espinosa will be the film’s director.


Ryan Reynolds is not too generous with charity but he supports some foundations aimed at the good welfare of the public.  

He is one of the board of directors of the Canadian Michael J. Fox’s foundation which conducts research for the Parkinson’s disease. Together with other members, the Deadpool star hopes to find a cure for the Parkinson disease to save the many lives lost through the venom illness.  Ryan joined the foundation in 2008 after his late father was diagnosed with the disease. The talented artist actually took part in the New York City Marathon in 2008 to express his support for the foundation and for his father who was suffering from the disease. After his demise in 2015, Ryan asked his fans to make a donation to the organization to facilitate the ongoing research for the neurological disease.

The handsome actor is an environmentalist currently working with Natural Resources Defense Group with the aim of bringing attention to the gross effects of Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Being the handsome and charming tall gentleman he is, Reynolds has found favor by endorsing various products as well as in advertisements. In 2010, he advertised for the Hugo Boss fragrances while in 2014 he was appointed the ambassador for L’Oreal’s Men Expert.  He also partnered with Nissan for personal fitness campaign and promotion of its electric car.

Politically, Ryan is a Democrat and has in the past supported Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  

As a writer, Reynolds occasionally blogs for The Huffington Post on different topics ranging from politics, film, and parenting.  However, his writing prowess has been criticized, with some people stating he is sarcastic and lacks creativity and flow of words.

In matters regarding religion, although raised a Catholic, Ryan is quite succinct on religion today. He was once quoted saying that, ‘Religion poisons everything good in the world.’ Although this does not prove that he is an atheist, there is no doubt his Christianity upbringing has faded.


Named the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, it’s clear why Ryan Reynolds always has luck with women.

Reynolds’ dating life first came to the public eye in 2011 after he was reportedly said to be involved with Rachael Leigh Cook. The two were real sweethearts and not afraid to show the media their love bits. In fact, when Rachael was shooting her film Blow Dry, Reynolds secretly followed her to London.

In 2002, Ryan dated Canadian Singer Alanis Morissette and the two announced their engagement two years later. Sadly, the two ended their engagement in 2017. After the breakup, Alanis recorded Flavors of Entanglement which was a grieving album and specifically the song ‘Torch’ was about Reynolds.

Soon after, Reynolds started dating American actress Scarlet Johansson. The two were engaged in May 2008 and later married four months later in Tofino, British Columbia. The couple lived happily until in 2010, when the two announced their separation. Ryan then filed for divorce, and it was finalized in July 2011.

Barely six months after the divorce, there were reports that Ryan Reynolds was dating his co-star in Green Lantern, Blake Lively. The two even bought a home in Bedford, New York in June 2012. Later that year, the two wedded at a colorful ceremony at Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina.

In December 2014, the couple announced the birth of their daughter James named after Reynolds’ late father. In September 2016, the two welcomed their second born daughter named Ines Reynolds.

The 48-year-old dad has fully embraced parenting without prioritizing his celebrity lifestyle.  Reynolds shares humorous parenting experiences on social media and most of his fans can’t help but admire the loving dad he is. Even then, his jokes have changed many lives by teaching fellow parents valuable and sometimes dark parenting lessons.

Although Reynolds and Lively have tried the very best to keep their children out of the spotlight on many occasions, the dad doesn’t shy away from talking about his family.

In admiration of his parenting tactics combined with charming looks and achievements in the film industry, People Magazine named him the Sexiest Dad Alive in 2016.

The Canadian boy is a tattoo lover, and he has two of them. One is on the underside of his wrist with the words ‘Know Thyself’. He also has a drawing of the Nine O’clock Gun on his left forearm to indicate that he is a proud Vancouver-ite.


Written by: Peris Ngaruiya