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Net Worth: $130 million

D.O.B: 03/08/1977

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Regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, Tom Brady is celebrated and revered in equal measures. Years of quality play and leadership have propelled him to the annals of history. Known for his extraordinary passing leadership and loyalty to the Patriots, Tom Brady is a phenomenon. He cemented his legacy by leading the Patriots to the greatest comeback win in the history of the Super Bowl at Super Bowl LI. He has won five Super Bowls making him the only quarterback in history to have so many rings on his fingers.


Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr was born in San Mateo, he was the fourth child born to Galynn Patricia and Thomas Brady Sr. Brady has three older sisters, Maureen, Julie and Nancy. Brady’s father is of Irish descent and his mother has Polish, Swedish and Norwegian roots. During the ’80s when Brady was a young boy, his father regularly took him to San Francisco 49ers games where he developed an interest in football and became a big fan of quarterback Joe Montana’s playing style. To this day, Brady considers Montana his idol and as a huge influence to his playing style and career. After he developed an interest in football, Brady attended football camps where he learnt the basics and met future NFL/AFL quarterback Tony Graziani. Growing up, Brady was an all-round sports fan, he supported the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Brady went to Junipero Serra High School and graduated in 1995. He was an active sports student who played basketball and baseball. In high school, Tom’s football and basketball team developed a bitter rivalry with Bellarmine College Preparatory. He started his path to a glorious football career as a backup quarterback on padres JV team. He was deemed not good enough to play for the team and that same team had not scored a touchdown for a whole year.  Tom’s fortune changed when the starting quarterback got injured and he took his starting spot in the team. In his junior year, he was the starting quarterback until he graduated. Unlike most stars in the NFL who are scouted in high school, Tom’s rise went unnoticed by college coaches. He took matters into his own hands and created highlight tapes and sent them to the colleges he wanted to attend. It worked, as his tapes generated interest from many colleges.

During the ’90s there was no prominent rankings and sports statistics were not as prominent as they are today in sports. Brady would be considered a 4 starts quarterback in today’s rankings. This means that Tom was a highly rated sports figure. He narrowed his list to five colleges and Cal Berkeley, UCLA, Michigan Illinois and USC wanted him at their school. Tom was a greater baseball player in high school than a football player. He was left handed and he had so much power. There were a lot of MLB scouts that were impressed by his technique and he was even drafted on the 18th round by Montreal Expos. Tom loved to play football and he was determined to pursue it. He could have had a bright career in baseball but he was more passionate about football and when the dice rolled he chose to follow football. Bill Harris, who was the assistant coach at Michigan, recruited him and he became a player at the University of Michigan in 1995. His high school statistics were impressive having completed 236 of 447 passes for 3702 yards and had 31 touch downs. He won the MVP award for his team and was in the All State and All-Far West teams and honors.

In 1998 and 1999 he was an intern at Merril Lynch. In 2003 he was inducted in his former high school Hall of Fame together with his former graduates Barry Bonds, Gregg Jeffries Lynn Swann and his older sister Maureen. After Super Bowl XLVI the high school stadium was named the Brady Family Stadium.


It was in college that Brady started showing the qualities that have made him one of the greatest quarterbacks in history. Tom played for the University of Michigan from 1995 to 1999. During his first two years he was a backup quarterback. His teammate Brian Griese led the team to an undefeated season and won the Rose bowl and a share of the national championship. Tom was seventh on the depth chart when he enrolled at the university. He had to work just to get some time on the pitch. He was so frustrated with the lack of playing time that he hired a sports psychologist to help him cope with anxiety and frustration. He considered transferring to California but decided to fight for his spot in the team. He started working closely with Greg Harden who was the assistant athletic director and they met for practice every week and this increased his confidence and performance on the pitch.

Tom came back stronger and ready to perform and in his final two years at the university he battled Drew Henson for the starting quarterback position and won. He started every game in the 1998 and 1999 season breaking records for most passes attempted and completed. He was the team’s captain in his final year. The wolverines won 2o out of 25 games and shared the Big Ten conference Title and won Citrus Bowl in his first season.  The 1999 season was more difficult to keep his starting spot. Drew came back stronger and the coach made them platoon the season’s first seven games. He would choose one to start in the first quarter and another one to start in the second quarter and then decided who would finish the second half.  After seven games, Tom won the starting spot for the rest of the season. That season earned him the nickname the “Comeback Kid” due to the number of games Tom dragged his team to win in the 4th quarter. He finished his Michigan career as the third quarterback in the school’s history with most attempted and completed passes.


Tom was not highly regarded as a prospect during the 2000 NFL draft. He was selected by the New England Patriots in the sixth round. Tom later commented that he had to leave the room because he was so embarrassed. His family thought he would be picked in the third or fourth round but that did not happen. He has played his entire career with the patriots and is considered one of the greatest quarterback to ever grace the NFL. In his professional career, Tom has won five super bowls, four super bowl MVPs and two leagues MVPs. Tom is known for his passing ability and has led the league three times in passing. He has been named Pro Bowl twelve times and has won more post season games than any other quarterback in the history of the NFL. With Tom as the quarter back, The Patriots have won 14 division titles and have played eleven AFC Championship games and sex in a row and won seven of those.

Tom won his first Super Bowl in his second season with the Patriots. The then-starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe was injured and he took over and led his teams Super Bowl XXXVI victory. Tom led the Patriots to a 32–29 victory over Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII and was named Super Bowl MVP for the second time in 2004. Tom led his team in a victory against the Philadelphia eagles to win the Super Bowl win Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005. The patriots returned to super bowl  in 2007.During that season, Tom established himself in the team and led the NFL record for most touchdown passes. He won the league MVP and led the Patriots to a 16-0 regular season record. During the Super bowl, the Patriots were upset by the New York Giants.  The following season was a tough one for Tom because he missed the whole season with a knee injury which he suffered in the first game of the season.  During the 2009 season, Tom won the comeback player of the year and he turned in strong performances. He won his second MVP in 2010 and returned to the Super bowl in 2011 where the patriots were again upset by the New York Giants.  In 2014 Tom was back at the super bowl and led his team in a dramatic comeback against the defending champions Seattle Hawks in the fourth quarter. He was named the Super Bowl MVP which was third time in his career. In 2017, Tom led the patriots to the biggest comeback in the Super Bowl finals against the Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots were trailing 28-3 before Tom led the team to rally back and tie at half time. Having won the coin toss, the patriots went ahead to score the touchdown and won the game. Tom was voted the Super bowl MVP for the fourth time in his career and won his fifth Super Bowl.

Brady led the Patriots for the longest consecutive winning streak and that included paly offs. He holds the record for more passing yards and touchdowns and has the sixth career passer rating of all time. Together with Joe Montana, Tom is the only quarter back to win multiple NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP awards. He has been named the NFL MVP in 207 a year where he was also named the Male Athlete of the Year. In 2010 he was voted unanimously as the NFL MVP becoming the first player to be voted unanimously since 1986. He holds the records for most consecutive passes without interception, highest season touchdown to interception ratio. Together with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, they form the most successful coach-quarterback relationship in the NFL.


Tom Brady is a family man, he frequently floods the internet with his family photos.  However, in 2015 his image took a hit when he was banned from four games during what has come to be known as the ‘deflate gate’.  The NFL published a 254 page report in which the Patriots workers were accused of deflating footballs used in the AFC championship game. They accused Tom that he knew about the whole incidence and he failed to report it. The NFL also accused Tom of failing to cooperate with investigators. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell criticized Tom when he announced the upholding of his ban.  He accused of Tom destroying all his mobile phones in an effort to prevent NFL investigators from accessing his electronic records. Tom took to Facebook and released a statement to protest his innocence and defended the Patriot organization. He made the decision to fight the ban in the court.

On September 3, 2015, Judge Richard M. Berman overruled Tom’s suspension and allowed him to play in the first four games of the NFL season. The judge noted that the NFL did not give Tom any notice on the charges against him and the potential of a suspension. Goodell himself was criticized or using Tom’s testimony in the appeal against him.

Tom is a friend of US president Donald Trump. Brady has indicated that he had known Trump for 16 years and Donald once claimed that he received a call from Tom where he gave him his support and vote. However, Tom’s wife denied that they voted for Trump on Instagram. Gisele advised her husband to stay clear of politics.


Tom, like most professional athletes, has dated high profile women. From 2004 to 2006 he dated actress Bridget Moynahan. On February the following year she confirmed that she was pregnant with Tom’s baby. They had ended their relationship that December before they found out that she was pregnant. She gave birth to his son on August 22, 2007 and Tom was present. They named him John Edward Thomas Moyhanan taking Tom’s middle name and Moynahan’s father’s name.

Tom began dating supermodel Gisele Bundchen after they had been set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. They got married at a Catholic ceremony in Santa Monica, California. They have two children both a son who was born in 2009 and a daughter who was born in 2012. Brady is related to baseball player Kevin Youkilis after he married his older sister Julie in 2012. He has made a lot of money through endorsements and he also owns a line of vegan snacks. Brady has been featured a lot in the popular media. He has hosted Saturday Night Live, and has voiced himself in The Simpsons and Family Guy. He has appeared on entourage once and in the entourage movie as well as the comedy Ted 2.


Written by: Emily Smith